Meet the Maker

Hand stamped inspiration from Antonia the Grateful.

Antonia Montoya is an artist, musician and gratitude guide.

She blends her tin punching skills and her passion for inspiring others to find the good in their lives, to bring you beautiful wearable art with a message. These stylish aluminum bracelets are hand stamped with words to inspire. Antonia hammers each letter by hand, creating unique jewelry that makes a statement of the way you are in the world.

Antonia and I met when she came to a training I did in Albuquerque in the Spring of 2016. I always encourage my clients to create reminders in their world to tap them back into awareness and intention. I thought Antonia's art would be a perfect fit with the Joyful Courage community. I am so grateful she said YES to creating for us!

You can find more about her and the important work she does at