Tonight I played Sorry with the kids after dinner.  It usually doesn't take that long to start feeling super irritated by people (children) not paying attention to their turn, or mean-spiritedness...  Tonight though, I managed to stay positive and really enjoy the experience.

At one point Rowan said, "Mom, its your turn- go!" To which I was quick to reply, "yeah, I know, that's what I'm doing," in a bit of an annoyed voice.  Then I took a deep breath and looked at her, "Wow, I get really bugged at you when you respond to me like that.  I'm sorry."  She didn't look at me but she smiled and said, "that's okay..."

Later on, I was telling the kids to head upstairs to get ready for bed.  Rowan started to say, "That's what I'm-" then she stopped herself.  "Okay Mom," she said, as she skipped up the stairs behind her brother.

Trusting the process...  Sometimes it is so easy to forget to do this.  Checking ourselves and our own behavior...  When we make changes, when we work to be better, more present, less reactive, our children notice.  They are encouraged by our efforts and in turn make the same kinds of changes.

I am grateful today that I have the awareness that change starts with me.

Smiles ~ Casey