10 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Parent

There is so much to read around parenting these days.  What gets me excited are all the voices, books and blogs focusing on a more positive and peaceful approach to raising children.

I am down with this.

This is what I teach and support parents with.

And I am here to say, it ain’t easy.

You see, for many of us (maybe for you?) positive parenting feels like it goes against our instincts, it feels permissive, ineffective, like we are letting our kids get away with something.

We all show up to our parenting journey with beliefs about how we want to parent. Then the day comes when the emotional triggers of the journey arrive, and all hell breaks loose.

Depending on our own emotional models growing up, the emotional intelligence we have gained over time, and our willingness to check our baggage at the door, how we planned on parenting our kids can be far from how we do parent our kids. This is especially true during times of challenge.

My advice?

Be intentional.

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