Make a difference in the world,
make an impact on a family....

Joyful Courage has teamed up with Grow With Me Boutique to collect baby carriers from our communities,
both local and online, to be sent to refugee families in Greece.

Both organizations are committed to supporting the important work and effort of Carry the Future,
an international organization that is on the ground, meeting these families, and offering baby carries as some relief,
some bit of solace,
on a very uncertain and scary journey.

The Carry the Future story:

Founded by Cristal, Carry the Future started as a single, modest Indiegogo campaign to raise $2,500 and 100 baby carriers for her to send to family she had in Greece so they could deliver them to refugees arriving by boat to their shores. As a result of the campaign going viral, Cristal received support from volunteers inspired and offering to help. We have a network of over 3000 volunteers across the globe and donations continue to flow in from supporters everywhere on a daily basis.

Imagine making this journey....  Leaving your home because it is so unsafe for you and your children....  Walking hundreds of miles into an unknown future....  Traveling in a small, overcrowded boat to some distant land, trying to keep track of children and belongings....  To arrive in a country where people don't speak your language, share your customs, and at times, are fearful and unwilling to accept you.

Image taken from

Image taken from

As you step on the soil of this new place, you are greeted with a cautious, friendly smile, and gestures of goodwill.  The next thing you know, this kind person is showing you how to keep your baby safe, to strap them to your body and keep them close by....  One less thing to worry about.  You risk taking a sign of relief.  This gift is so much more than a way to hold your baby....

Join us in making a difference!

Operation Refugee Child

Operation Refugee Child will provide refugee families with supplies for a healthier and safer journey to their asylum destination through direct volunteer distribution of donations. All it takes is one person to start changing the world, and it can start with you! We look forward to delivering your Operation Refugee Child Relief Pack to a refugee family soon!
Our volunteers work as a team to provide refugee families with essential items* that they will need on their long journey. ORC backpacks will include items such as: thermal blanket & sleeping bag, batteryless flashlight, whistle, hygiene kit, first aid kit, plush toys, crayons & drawing pad, non-perishable Halal snacks, wool socks, thermal underwear, candy, etc.

Carry the Future appreciates gently used carriers:

Carry the Future accepts  gently used, soft structured such as Ergo, Baby Bjorn, Lillebaby, Infantino Mei Tai, etc. and any infant inserts or covers, please no wraps, pouches, slings or framed backpack carriers at this time.  Hard frame carriers and slings (my fave) are difficult to travel with and to explain how to use when language is a barrier.  Feel free to stuff little loveys, baby socks/hats, notes of love into the carrier as well.

Carry the Future has TWO WAYS for you to donate a new baby carrier!

  1. CTF has an agreement with a leading baby carrier company (Moby) to purchase very high quality baby carriers (MobyGo's) that are preferred by refugee parents. We will use funds as available, and as needed to avoid storage fees, to purchase the discounted carriers. Donate here to our baby carrier campaign.

  2. For those who want to purchase a carrier directly, an Amazon Wish List is available with Carry the Future preferred carriers in a range of price points. Individually purchased baby carriers will be shipped directly to CTF.

Either way you donate a new carrier, Carry the Future would love it if you could also mail a note to include on your new carrier.

There are locations across the country for sending in your donation.  Find the address below that fits best for you and be sure to write somewhere on your package that you are participating in the Joyful Courage Fundraiser.

So happy to be partnering with Grow With Me Boutique - stop in!

So happy to be partnering with Grow With Me Boutique - stop in!

LOCALS, drop off your gently used or new baby carrier at:
Grow With Me Boutique
19572 State Route 2
Monroe, WA 98272

For our friends on the east coast, here is a Virginia location:
Carry the Future
Joyful Courage Fundraiser
P.O. Box 9993
Alexandria, Va 22304

UPS and FedEx:
Carry the Future
Joyful Courage Fundraiser
C/O American Self Storage
4551 Eisenhower Ave
Unit #203
Alexandria, VA 22304

Carry the Future Midwest volunteers will be pleased to have a Wisconsin center to send their collected carriers to:
Carry the Future
C/O Happy Bambino
Joyful Courage Fundraiser
4116 Monona Drive
Madison, WI 53716

Carry the Future will continue to receive donations at their original location in Glendale, California:
Carry the Future
Joyful Courage Fundraiser
121 W. Lexington Drive
Suite L 106G
Glendale, CA 91203

Thank you for being a part
of making the world a better place for families :)

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