Centered Mothering Meditation

Ahhh, the practice of parenting.  A journey that never ends...

What I am learning parenting my own two children, is that the best way to savor the experience of watching them grow, of being present with them as they explore themselves and their world, is to maintain my center.  

Maintaining center is tricky, especially in the face of all the emotions that show up in our lives daily.

Incorporating a practice of centering throughout your day allows you body to become familiar with the feeling of being centered.  Our body's reaction to stress and conflict is learned through the patterns we have followed throughout our life.  Practicing what it feels like to be centered, allows our body to learn something new, a new way of being.

When we begin a centering practice, we are opening up new possibilities in our life, in our parenting.  These new opportunities allow us to see our children behind their behavior, to think before we act, to learn from our mistakes.

The Centered Mothering Meditation is an 11 minute guided meditation to start you on your way of becoming a more centered parent.  The practice I take you through is one that you can do throughout your day, teaching your body a different way of being.

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