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Welcome to the journey friends!  

You are now on your way to a more present, intentional life…
I am so happy to join you here and
can't wait to get started working together!

Here's how this works…  

Beginning September 29 you will receive emails from me on
Mondays, containing a pre-recorder webinar, an audio meditation, and an e-booklet.
The pace you move through the material is up to you, but I have designed it hoping not to add another "chore" to your list….  Rather, an experience that will fit in well with your life. :)  
You will also receive encouragement via email on Wednesdays and Fridays.

We will have our own Facebook page (click here to join now)
to support each other and talk about how our work is coming along.

Twice over the five weeks you will have the opportunity
to gather on a telecall to cover some content,
as well as ask questions and volunteer to be coached a bit by me.

The dates and times for the live telecalls are:
Thursday, October 16, 11am pst
Thursday, October 30, 11am pst
These calls will be recorded and available to everyone in the course.


Week One - Focusing on shifting our lens around parenting and behavior (our own and our kids).  Self regulation and a bit of brain development will be covered.

Week Two - Working on creating invitations to cooperation  Digging in to how we are showing up and delivering invitations currently, and tweaks we can make with language and body to increase the likelihood that our kids will meet us there.  Tools for making agreements and routine charts will be shared

Week Three - Finding your center  Regardless of the tools we use, we will be triggered emotionally by our kids.  How we remain flexible and curious makes a big difference in our kids behavior.  Again, we will focus on language that empowers instead of enables our kids.

Week Four - Maintaining Your Practice  How do we continue to hold a space of encouragement and non-judgment, as our kids grow and the challenges evolve?  ITs all about the internal commitment we make regarding how we show up.  Parenting tools will revolve around encouragement and creating family meetings.

Week Five - Trusting the Process  There will be good days and hard days…  This week is all about trusting that what you bring to parenting is enough.  We will focus on tools that build relationship, and remember that being curious about the beliefs kids have about themselves, rather than the behavior that shows up as a result of those beliefs, will be more effective in helping them in the long term.

I feel honored, and incredibly blessed to be your guide moving forward.

If you find that the emails aren't coming to you, be sure to add "Joyful Courage" to your contact list (gmail especially likes to bulk my emails into other folders...)

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