Does any of this sound familiar?

"I yell at my kids every morning...  Its the only way to get them out the door!"

"The minute they get home from school, the battles begin...  Homework, chores, screen time - all of it..."

"Bedtime is a nightmare, I end up being so angry that I don't even want to tuck them in..."  

"My kids just don't care, they act like they don't hear me.  This is not who I thought I would be as a parent..."

We all get caught up in the overwhelm...

And because of that,
I have created a four part video training.  

What's in it for me?

This training consists of quick videos (because I know you are busy), action steps and handouts to keep you on track for facilitating change in your home.

I promise you, if you follow the steps you WILL see results in your home.

Watch the first video now,
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Training includes:

  • 4 short videos that entertain, inspire and educate
  • Audio versions of the videos so you can listen while driving, doing dishes, folding laundry - any way that serves you
  • 4 downloadable worksheets for reflection, exploration, and deeper learning

The content:

Part One: Define the Problem
Pinpoint the time of day you want to transform.  Investigate what is happening below the surface.  Get clear on the details of why this is a challenging time of day.

Part Two: Build the Connection
The only way to influence our kids behavior is to build relationship with them.  This video give examples of how to connect with your kids as you continue to explore the problem.

Part Three: Co-Create the Plan
The power of shared control can not be underestimated...  Learn how to invite your children into the process of finding solutions.

Part Four: Following Through
This final video leaves you with a tool that holds the whole process together. It's all about the action...  Following through is our work.

Parents who have said yes to this training have reported big shifts in their relationships with their children.

Take advantage of this offer and feel:

  • Empowered
  • Connected
  • Encouraged