Explore the possibility...

Once upon a time there was a woman who knew with her whole heart she was meant to be a mama.  Or maybe she wasn't sure, but was open to the possibility. Or maybe she didn't think children were a part of her future...

Life unfolded as it does and she indeed had a child (or many).

She experienced moments of pure bliss and moments of...  not so pure bliss.

She began feeling mixed emotions when she heard others talking about how fulfilling motherhood is...  How she should savor every moment because time goes by so fast...

Yes, she was grateful to be a mom, but there were also times when she felt irritated, tired, and lonely...

And then she would feel guilty, because she loved her children. They were the light of her life, but... Motherhood just wasn't always what she thought it would be.  

And some of the time she was feeling... un-fulfilled.

And those children she loved so much? Oh man, they were regularly driving her crazy!!!

Does any of this story sound familiar?

What you will get from coaching...

  • Decrease in power struggles
  • A roadmap for long term parenting success
  • Skills for meeting everyday parenting challenges with connection and ease
  • Steps for inviting more cooperation and contribution from your family
  • Stronger, deeper relationships will all the members of your family
  • Prioritized time for you

When we form a relationship, not only are you getting a coach, you are also getting an accountability partner to help you maintain your new way of being, and a cheerleader who will continuously be celebrating you along the way!

You feel stuck...

Maybe not all, but some of these challenges resonate with you...

  • Too much yelling
  • Uncooperative kids
  • Back talk and defiance
  • Bedtime, Mealtime, Getting out the door
  • Transitions
  • Homework Battles
  • Your child seems out of control
  • You feel out of control
  • You argue with your partner about the "best way" to discipline
  • You're exhausted
  • You struggle with guilt and anger
  • This is not what you signed up for


The "good" news is, it's not about your kids...

The "bad" news is, it's about you...


You want to work with me...

  • I am a certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Life Coach, with my Master's Degree in Education
  • I have been working with families since 1999
  • I have supported hundreds of families on their journey of raising their kids
  • I have taught Positive Discipline parent classes and workshops for the past eight years
  • I have a deep understanding of what it means to parent with kindness and firmness
  • I am in the practice of walking my talk every day with my twelve year old daughter and nine year old son - making loads of mistakes and learning along the way

How we will get there...

  • Weekly or bi-weekly calls (up to the client)
  • Non-judgmental space for you to share your stories and challenges
  • Exploring the underlying beliefs and emotions that accompany your challenges
  • Questioning that will lead you to more clarity around your current situation
  • Individualized practices for increasing your self regulation
  • Tools and action steps for creating a climate of belonging and significance in your home 

Digging in...

The parenting journey is ripe with challenges, how we are as we face those challenges is a testament to who we are - we will explore if this is in alignment with your desired way of being.

The coaching relationship offers a safe space for vulnerability and curiosity, as well as the opportunity to be guided in finding our own deep wisdom and gifts.

Our children are our teachers...  Deep listening and powerful questions in the coaching relationship will allow you to experience the joy that follows the clarity of exploring the lessons that are showing up.

You will be seen as whole, creative and resourceful.

I will support you as you discover new pathways that allow you to release the patterns and believes that no longer serve you, and are holding you back from experiencing the beauty of motherhood and being a woman in this world.

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You are ready...

If you want to do the work required to create a lasting relationship with yourself and your coach.

If you are willing to lean into discomfort and consider the learning that lives there, to keep open communication with your coach, and to recognize that the space held is safe and rich for reflection.

If you can make time for co-created practices and action that supports and deepens your learning.

If you value being prompt to coaching sessions, and ready with a direction you would like to begin the conversation with.

Your investment...

Joyful Courage offers an 8 session package. Scheduling is flexible and clients enjoy access between calls via email and text.

Clients who have already worked with Joyful Courage, through live or online workshops, enjoy a reduced rate, please send an email to casey@joyfulcourage.com to inquire.