Teacher Trainings and Workshops


Positive Discipline in the Classroom

Positive Discipline in the Classroom is a 15 hour training program for teachers looking for more tools in developing their classroom leadership role.  Teachers will spend time exploring the importance of building strong relationships with their students and the power of creating a strong, supportive classroom community.  This social-emotional character development program is designed to empower teachers to provide opportunities for their students to practice problem solving, mutual respect and self-regulation throughout the day.  With a stronger connection to their classroom community, and an established feeling of safety and belonging, students are more ready to learn, leaving the teacher with more time to teach.

Working With Children Exposed to Trauma

This three hour workshop is designed for teachers, administrators, foster parents, social workers, and anyone else who works and lives with children.  Participants learn about the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, attachment theory and how it related to the building blocks of the brain, and tools for creating  environments that support our most at risk children.  


Joyful Courage works with Sound Discipline to bring Positive Discipline trainings to teachers and schools.  Sound Discipline is a non profit dedicated to teaching people to do the right thing even when no one is looking using a solution-focused, trauma-informed approach. Check out their website and information for educators. Sound Disicipline has newsletters for educators and a blog for parents.

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