Empowered by Design:

A Workshop for Moms and Their Teen Daughters

April 15th and 29th
10am - 3pm
Monroe, Washington


Oh how deeply we love our girls. And when they move into the teen years, often we feel as though we have lost our footing. The once consistently snuggly, smiley girls we knew transform into young ladies who swing through moods quicker than we can keep track of. The pressures and risks of our teenage daughter's lives can send even the most centered mama into a tailspin of fear, and worry, finding us grasping for even the illusion of control. 

Help is here.

Empowered by Designed was created with both mother AND daughter in mind. Spaces for both to explore, discover and learn how to navigate this bumpy terrain while keeping relationships and boundaries in tact.

The Girl's Workshop

Lead by Jannae Rice, licensed mental health counselor associate, certified nutritionist, licensed body worker and practitioner of integrative mental health, the girls workshop explores mindfulness, values, communication and health in a way that meets teen girls right where they are at.

Through experiential learning activities, the girls will discover the voice of their own intuition, learn effective tools for advocating for themselves and communicating with their parents and others, and how to take care of their growing body.

The Mom's Workshop

Lead by Casey O'Roarty, M.Ed, certified Positive Discipline Trainer, ICF certified life coach, and facilitator, the mom's workshop will also explore mindfulness, values, communication and self care in a way that provides tools for mamas to expand their own personal growth within the mother/growing daughter relationship.

Experiential learning will challenge participants to explore trust, fear and control, while also uncovering the deep wisdom that is already alive inside of us. Special focus will be placed on communication, values and discovering barriers that keep us from showing up as who our daughters need us to be.