Find Your Mama Light

You catch glimmers of it…  That light that shows up in your body when things seem to flow.

You know what it feels like…  To feel a sense of peace and calm and connection.

Yet, you often find yourselves frustrated and discouraged a lot of the time…  
Showing up in ways than lead you down the road of guilt and shame later…

 Would you like to try something new?

This offer is for YOU, a mama who would like a quick dip
into the possibility of being a more present, more aware mother.  

During this 30 minute session you will begin the work of recognizing your patterns and go-to emotions,
and how they get in the way of being your best mama-self.  

You will co-create some new practices that will allow you
to embody the mama you want to be,
inviting in the qualities that you want more of as you navigate the parenting journey.

Schedule your appointment now, for this limited time offer...