Glam Camp Application

This is our fourth year of hosting Glam Camp, one thing that we have learned is that the experience is not for everyone, and to create a safe learning environment, it is important for the participants and the program to be the right fit.

What Glam Camp is:

Glam Camp is an experiential learning opportunity for adolescent girls for getting ever better at identifying the internal experience that they are having as they navigate life. Because this is the structure of our time together, the girls that come into Glam Camp must already be a yes to that work.

Glam Camp is a place where group norms and guidelines are set by the participants, and prompted by the facilitators, so as to hold the space as safe for sharing vulnerability, authenticity and deep reflection.

Norms in the past have included:

  • Listening to the opinions of others
  • Being non-judgmental
  • Respecting that we are all different
  • Participating in the activities

Participants who are a good fit for Glam Camp:

We are looking for girls who are curious, open minded and respectful of others.  Girls who are willing to take ownership of their actions, and are willing to explore and take responsibility for their behavior and their roles in relationships in their lives.

We are looking for girls who are ready to learn, connect with others, share, and follow through with the guidelines set in place at the start of the workshop.


Please take time to click on the button below to fill out the application with your daughter, send it in and we will be in touch.