What if...

What if our girls were held in a space that celebrated who they are, right now?

What if our girls could recognize that the challenges they are facing today
grow them stronger for tomorrow?

What if our girls understood that the way they respond to situation
is just as important as the situation itself?

What if our girls were in the practice of asking themselves,
can I look at this a different way?


Glam Camp is designed to grow each girls awareness and acceptance of self.  
Girls learn how to set boundaries and use language to honor their dignity and the dignity of others.  
Girls will leave with tools for deeper reflection, adaptability and gratitude for the experiences they find themselves in.

At the heart of this workshop is an intention for the girls to explore the depths of
personal responsibility and core values...
And to practice moving through the world from this place.

This year we will gather in the woods, unplugged from technology,
free from mixed - and confusing - messages about what it means to be a girl today.

Adolescence is like having only enough light to see the step directly in front of you.
— Sarah Addison Allen, The Girl Who Chased the Moon

A Brave New World

This workshop is designed specifically for girls in middle school.  Our time will be spent gaining a deeper appreciation for who they are, and the gifts that they bring to the world, while also exploring how to handle the challenges of adolescence with dignity. 

Moving from elementary school into middle school is a big leap for our girls.  Sixth grade is no joke! Not only are there external shifts in the way their day is organized and how they move between classes, it also is a time of internal shifts - the beginning of figuring out who they are and how they are in relationship with themselves and others...

Through experiential games and activities, the girls will walk away with tools and language for handling the new and sometimes surprising territory of middle school.

The goal of the leaders is to hold a safe space for girls to be girls, so they feel comfortable bringing their own fears, insecurities, passions and authenticity, to the conversation.  

 The content of the workshop is borrowed from the work of Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, and creator of the Owning Up curriculum, Positive Discipline, as well as the leaders  25 combined years of coaching and facilitation. The space will be held with humor, compassion and overall badass-ness.


With the newness of middle school behind them, seventh and eighth grade girls can find themselves is a really unique position.  They have the opportunity to continue to grow and develop their social and emotional skills, while also serving as mentors to the younger girls. 

Our seventh and eighth grade girls have experienced the social dynamics of emerging adolescence, they have witnessed their peer groups evolve, and most of them have seen the way that power can be used and abused by others...  While they still have much to learn, they also have so much to offer.

We will build upon the skills they have already begun to develop - communication, self reflection, perspective - and provide opportunity for them to explore some new skills, including leadership.  

The Leaders:

Casey O'Roarty, M.Ed  I am a former school teacher, Positive Discipline Trainer, Life Coach and mother of two.  I spend my time working with parents and teachers, encouraging them to create deeper relationships with the kids in their lives.  I was inspired to create this workshop by my own middle school daughter.  I wanted to create an experience that allowed her to feel prepared for the drama that can arise with adolescence.  I wanted her to feel secure in who she is and what she brings to the world.  I am REALLY excited for this opportunity to work with other girls this age in a fun and safe environment!

Krista Petty Raimer, MA  I have spent the last 20 years facilitating and coaching women's workshops around the world.  I deeply believe when women are empowered our world is empowered.  Ten years ago I was gifted with three daughters when I married my husband.  Watching our girls move through the ever changing and challenging world has fueled my passion to bring this empowerment to young women. Get ready for a radically honest, fun, and exciting learning environment. 



To be determined (very soon)


August 15th - Drop off girls at 12:00am
August 17th - Pick girls up at 1:00pm*

*Parents are invited to join us for the last hour of Glam Camp and lunch on site at 11am


Participants will need to have sleeping bags and clothing for mountain weather.  Tents (if applicable) will be provided.  A more complete packing list, and our specific location will be given upon registration.


** Register two girls before July 22 and enjoy the discounted cost of 2 for $399!!

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