The doors have closed for this round of #JC10

#JoyfulCourage10 - Holiday Edition
is a 10-day free program for parents

10 days of gratitude
10 days of possibility
10 days of sanity
10 days of grounding

Raising our children,
while growing ourselves,
is easier said than done...

During the holiday season, do you ever have these thoughts?

"It's about the giving, not the receiving...."
"How far can we stretch the money?"
"You should be grateful to spend time with family..."

"How am I going to get through four days with my family?"
"There is so much to do..."
"It is NOT the season for yelling!"
"I am the worst mom......"

Breathe mama. You've got this.

What if I told you that it is possible to be the person you want to be - for your children, your partner and yourself
- AND enjoy all that comes with the holiday?
What if I told you that you could show up and be present
- while cooking, shopping and erranding -
with encouragement and intention?

It is. You can. And I am here to show you how.

It comes down to two things:
The mindset and practice.

Truth be told, the to-do lists and daily challenges will be there,
but, by shifting your mindset, you can change how you encounter them,
and enjoy, rather than get through, the holiday season.

It is possible to show up and be the parent that you most deeply want to be.

What would it look like if you took a little time
to shift your mindset about your daily practice?
What if you could learn to be open to possibility
rather than distant and reactive?
How might it shift this holiday season?


Here's a little secret,
when you commit to being open, to shifting your mindset,

your new way of being will ripple into your family
and you will notice BIG changes...

From december 1st through december 10th,
I will support you in this mindset shift!

I will support you in connecting how you want to be as a parent, to who you are as a parent... 
And set the foundation for a GREAT holiday season! 

#JoyfulCourage10 is 10 days of exploring and practicing the parent you want to be through daily support and inspiration. You will receive daily, SHORT emails to encourage and inspire you around the daily theme, as well as deeper conversation and live support in the #JoyfulCourage10 Facebook group. Best of all? YOU decide your level of engagement.

#JoyfulCourage10 will allow you to harness the power of a group of parents on the same mission: to bring more peace and calm to their bodies, minds, and homes...  You will join them in their commitment to the power and influence that exists in the present moment.

#JoyfulCourage10 is about learning to pause and drop into right now, learning to let go of attachment to what has been and what lies ahead so that you can be connected to who is right in front of you.   Bedtime battles, clean up time, temper tantrums - all of these things can be influenced simply by how you show up in the moment.

What is offered during the 10 days

The opportunity for lively participation in a private Facebook group *
Short meditations delivered over WhatsApp *
Daily encouraging email messages
2 live webinars (that will be recorded)

* Participation in the FB group and WhatsApp is optional

My name is Casey and I am passionate about supporting and inspiring parents to be their best on the parenting journey...  

No one is perfect, I repeat, no one is perfect.

Being intentional with our practice helps us to be better.

I designed the #JoyfulCourage10 to help parents stay the course and dig deep to show up for their parenting practice.  

But before we can show up for our kids, we must learn to show up for ourselves...  This requires us to get intimate with our own inner experience.

Don't take it from me...  
Here is what others are saying about the #JoyfulCourage10:

"What a great way to start the day! A meditation to think on and most importantly act on in daily practice!"
- Steph C., mama of one

"Taking the joyful 10 was a truly enlightening experience. Reflecting on the meditations throughout my day helped me to stay in (or return to) a place of calm. It really kept me in touch with the parent I want to be.  It was nice to have a 'goal for my heart' to focus on ..." 
- Maria A., mama of one

"The joyful 10 challenge was thought provoking and helpful. Each message was like receiving a warm hug of wisdom on how to not only be focused, but to really enjoy every part of parenting. " - Carley H., mama of two

"The Joyful 10 was a terrific experience. Each day new tenets were introduced with practical ways to apply them in everyday life. I absolutely loved starting every morning with a new intention, a deeper purpose, and a guide for the not-so-simple moments that arise in parenthood. I highly recommend!" - Sara B., mama of two

Can't wait to get started!