Joyful Courage Academy

Parenting Teens


I am thrilled that you are here. Thank you for your willingness to learn and grow alongside me, and to support me in making this program something that will serve the parents who come after you.

Here are the steps you need to take to be ready to be ready to begin on Monday. September 30th:

Sign up for Voxer

Send me a voice message on Voxer

  • You can find me by searching for Casey O’Roarty

  • You can click this link and it will take you to my profile:

  • Once we are connected, I will pop you into our community chat, and invite you to the broadcast channel and we can begin to get familiar with this technology

Sign up for your one on one call

What to expect once the program begins:


  • An email

    You will receive an email with the link to our group resource page and there you will find the week’s content. The email will arrive by noon, PST.

  • Content on the group Resource page

    The group resource page is where all of the content will be housed. Along with the content, you will find a handout of the sides that can be used to support you in going deeper in the learning. I will also post applicable podcasts/articles/etc here as the need arises in the community.

    • NOTE: the content is yours to consume on your own time. My suggestion is that you make time to consume it as early in the week as possible so that you can take full advantage of the community chat and reflection. Put it on your calendar.


  • Each week you will get access to a video/webinar that will lay out the content for the week. My goal is for these to be useful, engaging, and thought provoking. There will be opportunities for you to journal/reflect on what you are hearing each week, as well as suggested practices for forwarding your relationships with your teens.

  • NOTE: the results of this program lie with you and your willingness to stay open and curious about what you are learning, and put it into practice. The true classroom is the space you are living in with your family. I am so excited to support you!

Mondays - Fridays

  • Community chat is open (Voxer)

    This is the place for you to come and tease apart the content with each other. I will be popping in as well, but this is really where we learn as a community and show up with support and celebration for others and ourselves. You may use this space for leaving either audio OR text messages. This is really where the magic happens, where we recognize that we aren’t alone, and where the perspectives of others allows us to expand our own lens on this content and the journey of parenting teens.

  • Each day I will prompt conversation in Voxer, but this is YOUR space.

  • Also, because our group is small, FULL PERMISSION to reach out to be directly via Voxer as well. I commit to responding within 24 hours.

Your 90 minute one on one call

  • This is a spacious time for you to share about what your personal challenges are with your teens and get direct coaching/feedback and co-created action/practices for you to take into your relationship to shift the dynamic. You will be deeply listened to, and supported in getting clarity around what is yours to own and what is waiting to be let go.

  • You can expect to feel respected and hopeful as a result of the call.


If you have any questions or concerns, email me at