JCA Week One

Belonging and Significance


Welcome to week one! I am so happy that you are here and ready to open your mind to a new way of thinking about and responding to behavior. It is so crucial that we begin our time together getting clear about the context of this program. Many, if not most of us, were raised in homes that used punishment and/or reward to “teach” us right from wrong.

As you will hear during the webinar, Positive Discipline is based on the work of Alfred Adler and his student, Rudolf Dreikurs. Their work found that human behavior is movement away from feeling “less than” and movement towards feeling connected and a knowing that we matter.

This is huge when it comes to raising children. While there are a lot of layers to consider when we are working towards becoming the parent we want to be, an expanded understanding of WHY children behave the way they behave is powerful.

This week we will explore what Positive Discipline is, the five criteria for PD, thinking about what is under the surface of behavior, the power of perception, and helpful tool to begin to practice now.


Choose to check out some or all of the resources listed below to further your learning the week.

What is Positive Discipline - a pdf from the Positive Discipline Organization
Belonging and Significance - a Joyful Courage Blog Post
Curiosity Questions Conversational - a Positive Discipline Blog Post
Connection Before Correction - a Positive Discipline Blog Post
Eps 10: Ending Entitlement with Amy McCready - a Joyful Courage Podcast
Eps 45: Deborah MacNamara helps us Make More Sense of our Kids (and humans in general) - a Joyful Courage Podcast *preschool
Eps 97: Casey is solo! Connecting before Correcting, Problem Solving and Empowering our Kids - a Joyful Courage Podcast
Eps 110: Finding the Need Beneath Behavior with Alison Smith - a Joyful Courage Podcast
Eps 129: Solo Show - Using the Iceberg Metaphor to Understand Behavior - a Joyful Courage Podcast
Eps 138: Peaceful Parenting our Teens and Tweens with Genevieve Simperingham - A Joyful Courage Podcast

Webinar Replay:

Replay will be posted ASAP on Monday, October 1st

Click on the image to watch the replay of this week’s webinar.

For a handout of the slides, click here.


We all learn better in commuity.

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This is a place for you to show up and leave a message for me on Fridays. I may pop in throughout the week with pep talks and motivation, but really this is a space that I am using as a weekly question and answer session. What is alive for the individual is alive in the collective, so listening to the challenges of others, and the feel back they receive is useful, a gift. I will speak more about Voxer during the webinar.

FG Group -

Jump in here! Share about how you are making sense of the content, the tools you are putting into practice, and what the results are. The FB Group is a place for support and celebration of this messy work of parenting. If you haven’t joined, click here.