JCA Week Two

Nurturing Relationship


Welcome to week two! We started our time together getting clear on the foundation of belonging and significance, and learning to recognize what is happening under the surface of behavior.

This week we are going to focus on nurturing and strengthening our relationships. The most powerful tool we have for influencing behavior is the relationships we nurture with our children. What does this mean?

It can be so tricky said than done to maintain relationship in the heat of the moment. When our preschooler is throwing a fit because we have said, “time for snack” or our teenager is telling us they hate us… . Those moments are so difficult to remember that keeping relationship in tact is what will support them in the long run.

This is really where our conditioning gets pushed up against. This is where we begin to think, “but aren’t I teaching them that they can get away with anything if I don’t DO something about this??” Believe me, I get this. Our fear of our children not learning the lessons we want them to, that they somehow will never grow into responsible, reasonable people if they aren’t manipulated by rewards and punishments - I get this. AND, this week we are going to challenge that idea with the idea that really it’s all about relationship. We are going to be extending the belonging and significance conversation and adding some new tools for you to practice.

This week we are going to explore parenting styles, problem solving, making amends and encouragement - all through the lens of developing relationship.

So grateful to be learning with you.


Choose to check out some or all of the resources listed below to further your learning the week.

Eps 38: Dina Emser, Positive Discipline Lead Trainer, Breaks Down Encouragement
Eps 58: Creating Special Time with Kelly Pfeiffer
Eps 9: Whose problem is it??? Joint Problem Solving with Kids
Eps 104: Kristin Hovious is on talking about making amends and repairing relationships
Eps 32: Kelly Bos - Navigating Two Parenting Styles in One Family
Eps 26: Exploring Parenting Styles with Sarina Behar Natkin

Creating Space - a blog about encouragement
Moody Mama - a blog about making amends
Falling Apart, Growing Together - a blog about owning my mistake making amends
Joint Problem Solving handout - pdf handout
Encouragement - a Positive Discipline blog

Dan Siegel sharing Brain in the Palm of the Hand
Casey’s Teach Brain video

Webinar Replay:

Replay will be posted ASAP on Monday, October 8th

Click on the image to watch the recording of this week’s webinar.

For a handout of the slides, click here.


We all learn better in community.

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