JCA Week Three

Finding Solutions and Declaring Boundaries


Welcome to week three, friends! We have been peeling back the layers for the last couple of weeks, and my hope is, as always, that you are trying on the tools being shared. I am hopeful that the content you are taking in through the webinars is broadening your understanding and openness to what is currently alive in your home.

This week we are going to stand on the belonging and significance foundation, continue to strengthen relationship, and focus on solutions and boundaries.

This is more of a mindset shift that you would expect. We come from a culture that is always searching for someone to blame. And while talking responsibility for our actions is deeply important, looking for blame doesn’t necessarily solve the problems that we are having. And it is short sighted to think that taking the blame in any ways supports a person in being BETTER.

Finding solutions to problems is expansive. It considers the what and the why of a challenge. It gets under the surface and supports our kids in developing the skills they need to do better next time. And get this: solutions are always consequences, consequences are not always solutions.

I know, you might need to read that again.

Consequences are a hot topic in the parenting world. Many of us have been conditioned into thinking that giving consequences when our children make mistakes is the only way they learn. And fear plays a heavy role when we consider that there may be other, more helpful ways of learning from mistakes. Plus, I mean, how can we hold boundaries if we can’t threaten with consequences for when they (inevitably) cross the line???

We will be getting into all of this during the webinar this week, including tools for you to practice as well!

So grateful to be learning with you.


Choose to check out some or all of the resources listed below to further your learning the week.

There are so many that connect with content this week!! Don’t feel like you need to listen to all of them, but do check a couple of them out!
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Eps 48: Taming the Toddlers and Haters with Julietta Skoog
Eps 57: Sharon Ballantine Talks Teens and Their Need to Pull Away
Eps 60: Sandy Blackard Helps With the WHINING
Eps 67: Nicole Schwarz and I puzzle out sibling conflict questions from the community
Eps 69: Laurie Prusso Hatch Helps us Understand Hurtful Behavior in Young Kids
Eps 73: Dr. Ross Greene Schools us in Effective Problem Solving
Eps 90: Larissa Dann is on Talking About How to Let Go of Consequences and Rewards
Eps 99: Casey is Solo Exploring Boundaries, Agreements and Screen Time
Eps 97: Casey is solo! Connecting before Correcting, Problem Solving and Empowering our Kids
Eps 106: Becoming Calm Responders with Alexandra Hughes
Eps 117: Solo show - A Bit About Choosing in, Being Kind and Firm, Making Agreements and Following Through
Eps 119: Solo Show - Deconstructing Natural Consequences and Personal Responsibility
Eps 143: Mary Nelsen-Tamborski Talks About Making Mistakes and Being Raised with PD
Eps 158: Kimberly Muench talks about the tight rope walk of raising teens

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Co-Creating Routines
Making Agreements and Following Through

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We all learn better in community.

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