JCA Week Four

Sustaining the practice


Welcome to our final week of the Academy!

This week is about continuing to put the tools and strategies of the previous weeks into practice with our families. We are also going to play with noticing the difference between empowering and discouraging our kids (spoiler alert - we add to their discouragement a lot), embracing the routine of Family Meetings, and the exploring the key to showing up BETTER, even when it’s hard to do.

Kids are doing the best they can with the tools they have in the moment, right? The same is true for us. When humans are discouraged it is as though our lens, our ability to see clearly, to be solutions minded and not take things personally, becomes clouded. We are still doing the best we can, but the tools that we have access become limited, right?

So that all being true, we have two jobs.

The first one is to create an energetic and physical environment that is encouraging and empowering for our children. An environment that celebrates shared power and contributions, mistakes as opportunities to learn, and relationship. this is the work that you have been doing these past few weeks. This is the environment you are in the process of creating. Yay!

The second job you have, is to create an energetic and physical environment that is encouraging and empowering for YOU. An environment that allows you to refill and replenish your energy. And environment that allows you to celebrate your wins, a find compassion for your mistakes. You get to trust in YOUR learning and your ability to grow as your children do.

So yes, there is some new content this week, AND we are transitioning out of the program. Use this week to really settle into this mindset and squeeze all the goodness out of the community. You are held, you are supported, and YOU are exactly the right parent for your children.


Choose to check out some or all of the resources listed below to further your learning the week.

Episode Four: All About Family Meetings With Julietta Skoog * especially good for parents with young kids
Eps 15: Krista Petty Raimer and the Self Care Challenge
Eps 21: Jessica Lahey breaks down Autonomy-Supportive Parenting and how to empower our kids by letting them fail
Eps 29: Cathy Kawakami of Middle Ground Parenting How we help our kids by not helping them
Eps 43: Jiovann Carrasco Talks Mindfulness and Parenting
Eps 57: Sharon Ballantine Talks Teens and Their Need to Pull Away
Eps 68: Dropping into Ourselves with Sara Harvey Yao
Eps 80: Rachel Macy Stafford encourages us to choose Only Love Today
Eps 98: Kerry Foreman is on Supporting us in What it Means to be Grounded
Eps 106: Becoming Calm Responders with Alexandra Hughes
Eps 109: Learning How to be a More Conscious Parent by Tuning in to Our Body
Eps 117: Solo show - A Bit About Choosing in, Being Kind and Firm, Making Agreements and Following Through
Eps 126: Tina Bryson is BACK teaching us about nurturing a YES BRAIN
Eps 153: Yoga as a Parenting Tool With Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

Helpful Hints for Empowering Vs Enabling - a Positive Discipline blog post
Family Meetings - a Positive Discipline blog post
Compliments Create a Positive Atmosphere in Homes and Classrooms - a Positive Discipline blog post
10 Steps To Becoming A More Intentional Parent - a Joyful Courage blog post
Helping them help themselves... - a Joyful Courage blog post
Mindful Parents Create Mindful Kids… - a Joyful Courage blog post
Locating my inner Buddha... - a Joyful Courage blog post

Family Meetings
10 Steps for Living Joyful Courage
Empowering Statements ages 6-12
Empowering Statements ages 2-5

Webinar Replay:

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We all learn better in community.

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