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JCA Parenting Teens

Week 1

This week is all about growing our AWARENESS of ourselves as parents of teenagers. You have stepped into this learning ready to grow and support your child. Doing the work of looking internally as well as externally will support you in nurturing your relationship with self as well as with your teen.

We also will do some exploring of what it means to parent with Positive Discipline during the teen years. This week is about getting a basic understanding of what PD is - both foundationally and practically.

Enjoy the audios below, and be sure to jump into Voxer to tease apart your learning with the community!


0:00 Intro
6:00 Saplings Metaphor
12:25 Introduction to Positive Discipline
20:05 PD Teen Years/ What it looks like
28:32 Parenting Styles and their Effect
40:22 3Bs for Self Regulation
49:30 Week One Homework

Homework/ Prompts for discussion in the group chat:

WOW/WONDER - When you consider the five pillars of PD with teenagers, what jumps out to you as a WOW (as in, “oh yeah, that totally lands for me” or “I’ve never thought about that but YES!”) and share what jumps out at you as a WONDER (as in, “hmmm, I am not so sure about that” or “I don’t really understand what that means…” 

After learning about parenting styles, what are you noticing about yourself and the way that YOU show up for your teens? How does or might your personality get tangled up in your parenting style? What has been the result of your parenting style?

Use the 3 bs groundings as often as possible to get in the practice of grounding yourself inside what can sometimes feel like a wild storm of parenting with your teenager. 

Companion Guide

If you would like to free yourself from feeling as though you need to take notes, and would like an organizer to keep your thoughts and reflections, click on the button below to download and print out the guide for this week’s content:

Bonus Material

For further exploration, listen in to this interviews from the Parenting Teens with Positive Discipline Audio Summit:

Dodie Summit Audiogram.png
Nadine Summit Audiogram.png
Marcilie Summit Audiogram.png
Kelly P Summit Audiogram (1).png

The Parenting Teens Audio Summit

I will be sharing from the summit as we carry on through the program! You can access all of the interviews of the summit at any time by going to: http://www.joyfulcourage.com/tas4evr
The password is: tn19sum

Grounding Meditations:

A tool that I share that I believe is key to supporting us in keeping a calm, grounded mindset is called the 3 Bs. Practicing the 3 Bs on a regular basis support us in having access to the tools, the language and the way of being that ultimately will keep us connected to our teens, while also hearing them, staying curious, and holding boundaries.

Below you will find a short version of the 3Bs, as well as an extended version.