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JCA Parenting Teens

Week 2 Content

This week we will continue to dig into growing our observer of self in the context of how we are showing up to our relationships with our teenagers.

Topics we will cover this week include:

  • Where we are at

  • What is our style

  • E+R=O

  • Making amends

  • Special time

Enjoy the webinar, and be sure to jump into Voxer to tease apart your learning with the community!

Week Two Content:

*** Click here to download and print the handout for the webinar. ***

Homework Reflections:

  • Take some time this week to really reflect on your fears. Write them down, and notice where are they are getting in the way.

  • Pay attention to your parenting style and notice what is happening when you find yourself in the controlling space, vs the permissive space.

  • Start to witness yourself in response vs reaction to the experiences that are showing up with your teen.

Homework Action:

  • Look for opportunities to try on personal responsibility for how you are responding to your teens.

  • Practice making amends with your teen.

  • Put some one on one time in the next two weeks with your teen on the calendar.

Bonus Material

The following is more information for you on parenting teens. This is optional listening and will remain available even after the program has concluded.

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Family Meeting Email Support - Optional and FREE

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The Parenting Teens Audio Summit

Yay! This powerful resource is YOURS! I am thrilled to make the summit available to you.
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Grounding Meditations:

A tool that I share that I believe is key to supporting us in keeping a calm, grounded mindset is called the 3 Bs. Practicing the 3 Bs on a regular basis support us in having access to the tools, the language and the way of being that ultimately will keep us connected to our teens, while also hearing them, staying curious, and holding boundaries.

Below you will find a short version of the 3Bs, as well as an extended version.


Previous Weeks

+ Week 1 Summary

Week 1 was all about setting foundation. You have stepped into this learning ready to grow and support your child. Doing the work of looking internally as well as externally will support you in nurturing your relationship with self as well as with your teen.

Topics we covered in Week 1 were:

  • Theory
  • Relationship
  • Attachment/Expectations
  • Control