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JCA Parenting Teens

Week 2 Content

This week is all about recognizing where we are at in relationship with our teens. We are going to look at the places where we have been making assumptions, we are going to practice owning what we have brought to the space, and we are going to play with language and way of being that invites and grows connection.

This work is helpful if you work it. Listen to the audio below and then play with the concepts and ideas as suggested. Be transparent with your family about what you are learning and what you are looking to create. This isn’t a program about how to manipulate your teens into doing what you want, instead it is all about showing up for them in a way that allows them to feel seen and heard, and to develop their own internal guidance system that will serve them in the years to come.

I talk about family meetings this week - scroll down the page and fill out the form if you would like to be sent six weeks of email support for beginning the routine of Family Meetings in your home.

00:00 Intro Week 2
5:11 Fantasy vs reality
22:57 Getting Clear on our fears
30:00 Seeing out of our teens lens
43:05 Repairing and rebuilding relationship
50:08 Effective communication
58:38 The week’s homework invitation

Companion Guide

If you would like to free yourself from feeling as though you need to take notes, and would like an organizer to keep your thoughts and reflections, click on the button below to download and print out the guide for this week’s content:

Bonus Material

The following is more information for you on parenting teens. This is optional listening and will remain available even after the program has concluded.

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The Parenting Teens Audio Summit

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Grounding Meditations:

A tool that I share that I believe is key to supporting us in keeping a calm, grounded mindset is called the 3 Bs. Practicing the 3 Bs on a regular basis support us in having access to the tools, the language and the way of being that ultimately will keep us connected to our teens, while also hearing them, staying curious, and holding boundaries.

Below you will find a short version of the 3Bs, as well as an extended version.