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JCA Parenting Teens

Resources Page

This is where you will find resources to compliment what you are learning and discovering in the JCA Parenting Teens program.


Content will be uploaded here on the page each Monday by 12 noon PST. There will always be a handout to download with the outline of the content and space for processing/reflecting.

Voxer Group Chat:

The Voxer Group Chat is a place for participants to reflect on the content and to connect the dot to how it is currently useful/coming alive in their relationships with their teens.

Each Tuesday - Friday, there will be a discussion prompt added to support the group in the direction of the discussion. However, this is a place for support, so if something else is currently challenging to group members in the context of parenting their teens, this is a space to share, celebrate and ask for support.

Voxer Guidelines:

  • Be lean of speech

    Lets all remember (myself included) that we are inviting others to spend their time listening to what we have to say. Have some idea of what you want to come in with and work to be concise with your language and requests.

  • Keep sharing relevant to the context of the program

    Again, this is a space for parenting support, so please be sure to keep the sharing connected to what we are currently diving into content wise.

  • Assume positive intent

    Be mindful of what another participants sharing may be stirring up for you, and allow yourself to be curious about it. We are not here because we have the same opinion about everything, but we are connected in our desire to be our best in relationship with our teens.

  • Be respectful in your communication

    Ask questions, be open, stay curious. We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have.

One on One Calls:

Each participant gets to have a one hour coaching call. It is up to the participant to schedule the call. All calls must be scheduled during the program (before April 4th). Click here to schedule your call.

Grounding Meditations:

A tool that I share that I believe is key to supporting us in keeping a calm, grounded mindset is called the 3 Bs. Practicing the 3 Bs on a regular basis support us in having access to the tools, the language and the way of being that ultimately will keep us connected to our teens, while also hearing them, staying curious, and holding boundaries.

Below you will find a short version of the 3Bs, as well as an extended version.

Week one content:

Week one resources:

Summit - Lori.png

Click here to download the transcript of this conversation.

Summit - Marcilie.png

Click here to download the transcript of this conversation.

Summit - Kelly P (1).png

Click here to download the transcript of this conversation.

Week Two content:

Week two resources:

Summit - Cathy.png
Summit - Jody (1).png

Below are a few podcast episodes that I thought may be interesting for you to listen in on… . Simply click on the image below and you will be taken directly to that episodes page.

Eps 57 is a really powerful conversation about our teens need for autonomy - I actually had the convo when my daughter was in 7th grade and I had NO IDEA what was coming down the tracks!!

Eps 68 is just a powerful conversation about how to be more present with ourselves and our experience. Enjoy!

Week three content:

There has been a request on Voxer to share shows where I have interviews men, and so I am doing that - as well as a couple about boys specifically. These episodes aren’t specific to TEEN boys, or even teen parenting, however, my guess is that you will have take aways from them that are useful. Click on the images and you will . be taken directly to the episode.

On the topic of boys…. this is a must watch:


Week Four Content:

Summit - dodie.png
Summit - Sahara.png

Dr. Shefali and Oprah talk “Conscious Parenting” SO GOOD!!! One day Dr. Shefali WILL be on my show…….!!!!

Click on the images below to be taken to these popular and helpful podcasts: