Journey to Joy, a program of Joyful Courage

Say yes to strengthening your awareness.

Say yes to making new choices.

Say yes to creating a practice that brings real change to your home!

Journey to Joy is a three-part offer for parents who are ready for change. Each module contains a video, audio and workbook to guide you in doing your work.

  • You will increase your awareness around the areas in which you are stuck (you know, the irritation that never seems to go away... the exhaustion, the guilt and shame that shows up so often after you have "dealt with" the challenges your kids bring on a regular basis).
  • You will spend time exploring new choices, new ways of being... Inviting in the qualities that are missing: Love, compassion, self acceptance and non-judgment...  You will learn how to open up your body and allow these emotions in.
  • You will create a practice for teaching your body and mind a NEW pattern, making this new way of being more readily available when you need it.

I have been trying for the past couple of months to be more mindful about my parenting, to find better ways of interacting with my kids...The resources I have found so far have been helpful to a point, but they only help to a certain degree because the real problem is ME. This program is a game changer. I am already feeling a real shift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Amy, mama of two

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