The context of this month is belonging, with a side of significance.  As Adler has taught us, all human behavior is motivated by the needs of belonging and significance. We continue to learn from the brain science that we are actually hard-wired to connect with others.

The more we can look at our children (and the other humans in our life) through this lens of belonging, the deeper our understanding of their behavior becomes, and we have more options for influence.

As we move through this month, you may continue to notice your own patterns getting in the way - begin to use this belonging lens as a tool for understanding self as well. We, too, are operating from those same very human needs - and when our foundation of belonging and significance is threatened, by eye-rolls, dismissal, perceived disrespect, we will often move from that wounded place, and create mischief for ourselves and those around us.

It's messy!  And we are here as a community to support each other!!

February webinar will happen on Monday, February 6th
@ 12:00-1:30pm PST

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Group coaching in January:
Monday, Feb 13th @ 9:30am PST
Monday Feb 20th @ 5:30pm PST
MondayFeb 27th @ 8:30pm PST

All are welcome to come to as many group coaching sessions as you can make work.  Time is limited, and while I try to make sure everyone has a chance to speak, responsibility is up to the participant to speak up early to request coaching.

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