January is a deep dive into perspective - and not just a conversation, but actually a practice of recognizing that multiple perspectives are happening all the time, AND each perspective is often seen as truth to the person it belongs to.

Our personal practice this month will center around broadening and expanding our own perspective, while learning to release the attachment we have to what we are seeing.

The parenting tools we will play with will focus on helping us gain further understanding of the perspectives of the people we love, so as to move us into deeper, more respectful relationships. 

Click on the box above to download the January workbook. Included in the download are a calendar, templates for family meetings and routines and agreements, as well as places for notes and reflections.

January webinar will happen on Monday, January 9th
@ 12:00pm PST

Check your email for the invitation.

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Click on the box above to get access to the replay after the meeting has taken place
(usually will take me less that 24 hours to post).

Passcode: LJCJAN

Group coaching in January:
Monday, Jan 16th @ 9:30am PST
* parenting kids 0-5
Monday Jan. 23rd @ 12:00pm PST
* parenting school aged kids
Monday Jan 30th @ 2:30pm PST
* parenting tweens/teens

Click here for the group coaching worksheet