The Parenting Practice Takes Practice

Joyful Courage Mantra Bracelets are designed to help you tap into that deep desire to show up as you best on the parenting journey. What is a quality that would elevate your practice? Check out the offers below and choose the one (or a few) that speaks to you...  And support yourself in your practice of being the best parent you can be!



Living and Loving with Joyful Courage is a beautiful practice.
It allows you to be in the learning of personal development, in the work of showing up better each day, each moment.
Joyful Courage is a celebration of progress, of declaring who you want to be in your relationships and moving in that direction.




Sometimes, the most helpful thing we can do is to surrender to the present moment.

Surrender Intention Bracelet
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When we can move through this journey trusting that everyone is going to be ok, trusting ourselves and the power of our relationships, it moves us to a place of presence and availability. 

Trust Intention Bracelet
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The breath is one of the most helpful tools we have when we are committed to conscious parenting. 

Breathe Intention Bracelet
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