The Parenting Practice Takes Practice

Joyful Courage Mantra Bracelets are designed to help you tap into that deep desire to show up as you best on the parenting journey. What is a quality that would elevate your practice? Check out the offers below and choose the one that speaks to you...  And support yourself in your practice of being the best parent you can be!




Why wouldn't you want a reminder to find joy?
Joy is calm in your heart, joy is tuned in, joy is aware and awake and in the moment.
Being joyful invites joy in others.

Joyful Mantra Bracelet
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Courage lives in our hearts.
When we tap into courage, we are moving from a heart centered place.
Trusting the unfolding of our individual journeys requires courage.




What is the quality that your relationships are lacking during times of stress?
Decide that, then practice being intentional about showing up that way.
Notice what happens.



Think tree

Feel your feet on the floor, the roots that ground you.
Feel your values and respect for self and others in your strong trunk.
Feel flexibility in your branches, open, nonjudgmental, curious, present.

Think Tree Mantra Bracelet
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Joyful Courage

Gratitude for community.
Humbled by the collective journey.
Inspired by the ways that we can all come together in support, encouragement and love.