This month is all about recognizing the way we are currently influencing our lives. 

Yes, this is a program about parenting, but as many of you have heard me say before, this is really about “human-ing” and many of the patterns and beliefs that show up in our parenting, actually show up in other areas of our life as well.

Everything we do influences the world around us. Everything. And to me, that is really exciting... You see, when I begin to see through this lens, I feel empowered. I realize that I can ultimately create the results I want, simply by choosing my way of being and being intentional about it.

This month we are going to continue to deepen our understanding of behavior, and what is actually behind what we may be seeing with our children.  We are going to build on the idea that human behavior is movement towards belonging and significance, and that “mis”behavior comes from our “mis”interpretation of connection and influence.

We will dig into the Mistaken Goal Chart.  This is a powerful Positive Discipline tool.  Click on the box below to download and print your own copy of this chart.


This month will be big, and I am honored to get to share it with you!

February webinar will happen on Monday, March 6th
@ 12:00-1:30pm PST

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Included in the download are a calendar, templates for family meetings and routines and agreements, as well as places for notes taking during the webinar and reflections.

New in the workbook this month: Four coaching worksheets to use during group coach calls or on your own as you make your weekly declarations and goals.

Group coaching in March:
Monday, Mar 13th @ 9:30am PST
Monday Mar 20th @ 5:30pm PST
Monday Mar 27th @ 8:30pm PST

All are welcome to come to as many group coaching sessions as you can make work.  Time is limited, and while I try to make sure everyone has a chance to speak, responsibility is up to the participant to speak up early to request coaching.

You will find you group coaching worksheet in the March workbook.

Remember that there are so many ways to elevate your experience in the Living Joyful Courage Membership program. Community makes all the difference.  There are honest and supportive conversations happening in the Forum and in the What's App group.

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Big love!!