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All is Possible

"Thank you for today's email, and everything else, Casey! Today I needed to hear that a "reset" is normal. This week has felt like one step forward, one step backward. But I recognize what my role in each situation was, and how my behavior and actions made things better, or worse. Because of this project, and the support of this tribe (knowing that you are not alone is so helpful), I am definitely more AWARE. And, I'm feeling less like by kids lives are on fast forward in front of me... and more like we are in it together, with all of our imperfections and frustrations and laughter and challenges and shared moments: this is our life."

- Lorraine, a Joyful Courage mama

What you get with your membership:


As part of your membership, group discussions will be available for you to join in on based on whatever needs there are that show up in the group. Topics will include ages and developmental stages, as well as areas of interest, such as screen time, navigating sibling relationships and handling challenges with extended family.


Each week you will receive a Living Joyful Courage email delivered to your inbox. These emails will contain content related to the theme of the month, journal prompts and tools to be playing with.


Every month we will deep dive together into content through live webinars (that will also be recorded and made available to the group).  Webinars will be designed to broaden perspective and gain understanding of the concepts presented each month.


All parents engaged in Living Joyful Courage will have the opportunity to participate in group coaching calls each month.  The calls will be focused on what the presented tools and concepts look like within specific age groups.

And more!

As an engaged leader, I will also be reading the needs of the community, and putting together offers and opportunities that fit with what I see showing up.  I am so excited to tailor this experience to what is helpful to the families that show up!!

VIP Option

Members also have the option to take the work next level by adding two 45 minute coach calls each month.