A Mother's Journey is coming to Newport Beach!


Have no doubt, this offer is for you. We will spend the day together in deep celebration and community. We will focus on questioning assumptions, exploring our parenting style, deep diving into encouragement, all while embodying the mama we WANT to be.

Mamas will leave the workshop with tools to put into practice immediately, tools that will foster deeper confidence, peace and connection. 

PLUS, following the workshop will be four weeks of INTEGRATION CALLS, where we will gather again to support putting what we learn to bring alive in the training room INTO OUR LIVES!!

Can't wait to join you in your community!

Listen in to this podcast to get to know me and the work I offer to the world.


Buy Now

Cost -

Early Bird - $249 through January 17th
Full Price - $299 after January 18th

Workshop - 
Saturday, February 17th, 2018
10am- 4pm

New Mom School
200 Newport Center Drive  Suite 306
Newport Bch, CA 92660

Group Calls - 
Will begin 7-10 days after the workshop and scheduled to fit the needs of the group

This workshop is ALMOST FULL - register now!!