A Mother's Journey to Joyful Courage

Coming to the PNW Fall 2017
Bellingham * Seattle * Portland

My name is Casey O’Roarty, I am a Positive Discipline Trainer and Certified Coach.
I encourage mothers to discover the purpose of their parenting journey.


What is A Mother’s Journey?

A mother’s journey is the abundant opportunity for personal growth and development that exists while raising our children.. No other time of our life is more demanding of us – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What is Joyful Courage?

Joyful Courage is the idea that we can choose to show up fully to our lives. Not only to show up, but to thrive, even as we hold space for others.  Joyful Courage is being in bold celebration of life-long growing and our own deep inner knowing.

"Casey brings empathy, compassion, encouragement, understanding, inquiry, reality, love, humor, connection, and a sincere desire to help, which comes through loud and clear."  - Mama Christy

"Casey brings empathy, compassion, encouragement, understanding, inquiry, reality, love, humor, connection, and a sincere desire to help, which comes through loud and clear."  - Mama Christy

Parenting is one surprising moment after another, starting from those very first minutes of holding that fragile little being in your arms, knowing their future is up to YOU.

At the surface are the basic needs – food, clothing shelter. Deeper than that is the connection we nurture, being attuned to their experience, trusting ourselves so that they can in turn trust themselves and the world around them.

What is often an unexpected experience for mothers is our own evolution, the beliefs and ideas that we have held as truth that no longer serve us.  Some of us are clear about these beliefs, while others simple are experiencing an unsettling, a discomfort that something is off.

A Mother’s Journey to Joyful Courage is an invitation for deep personal inquiry, while learning tools for deepening relationship with our family, resulting in more cooperation and ease.

Are you being called to the journey?

"I appreciate the love and light you are putting out into the world. The knowledge you are sharing will directly impact many families in an incredibly positive way. We need more people like you in the world!" - Mama Sara



Humans learn best in the doing. 
The MJ (Mother’s Journey) is an experiential workshop
followed by four weeks of coaching to aide in the integration
of what is learned in the space together.


The Workshop

The MJ workshop is a 6 hour experiential workshop where participants will discover and explore the places they are currently feeling stuck. Activities are designed to support mothers in not only broadening their perspective of behavior, but also shifting their mindset around how to be in relationship with themselves and others. 

Special focus will be on trust, encouragement, creating boundaries and self/soul care. Parenting support will be offered through the lens of Positive Discipline.

Mothers will leave the workshop with tools and practices to aide them in applying their learning into real life.

The Coaching

MJ coaching is four weeks of supported integration. Coaching will take place weekly through zoom. Each participant will be facilitated around action steps and practices that will help them with moving their relationships forward and taking their learning from the training into their lives.

The Mother’s Journey to Joyful Courage
is unique in that it embraces both
the internal and the external experience
of raising children,
while also acknowledging the time that it takes
to learn new skills and ways of being.

It is a wholeness approach to being a mother,
mindful that there are so many dynamics happening at once,
and honoring the sacred of it all.

* Early bird prices will be available through SEPTEMBER FIRST, then the cost will go up to full price.

Sunday, September 24th
11:30am - 5:30pm
@ Inspire Studio
Group calls:
Mondays October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd
8-9:30pm Pacific Time

Saturday, October 7th
12:30 - 6:30pm
@ OmCulture Greenlake
Group Calls:
Thursdays Oct 12th, 19th, 26th, Nov 2nd
8-9:30pm Pacific Time

Sunday, October 22nd
10am - 4pm
@ Gem Studio
Group calls:
Mondays Oct 30th, Nov 6th, 13th, 20th
8-9:30pm Pacific Time

You have questions? Of course you do!  

Or, here are some Frequently Asked Questions to review:

Why is this only for mothers?

There is something really powerful that happens when mothers fill a room with open intention. In my work, I find that we mothers really grapple with a lot of fear, control and guilt as we raise our children. Sometimes it can be challenging to really get into those beliefs, and truly challenge them, unless we feel as though we are in a safe and supported environment. That is the environment I create when I hold space for a circle of mothers.

What should I expect?

You can expect to be seen, heard and valued in the Mother's Journey workshop. You are invited to come as you are, and expect to be met there with compassion, love and tenderness. You can expect to be challenged in the Mother's Journey workshop. This is an experience that is designed to take our blinders off and really recognize more of what is driving our own behavior, and influencing the world around us. You can expect to laugh and fall in love with the other mamas in the circle. A shared transformational experience bonds people to each other in a deep and meaningful way.

What does "movement" mean?

We will "move" a variety of ways during the workshop. Experiential leaning is unique in that it allows us to learn with our bodies. Some of the activities will invite you to explore pace and space, some of the activities will be more scripted role plays. All of the activities are designed to expand your perception of what is currently alive in your life, and the areas that you can shift to invite more of the outcomes you desire.

What kinds of tools can I expect to leave with?

The workshop will provide you the space to develop tools for greater intention and reflection. We will practice different ways to use body postures, meditations, and journaling to deepen your daily practice of soul care.

The workshop will also support you with language and action that is helpful for inviting more cooperation, connection, and solution based problem solving into your home and family. The philosophy that is foundational for the "parenting" piece of the workshop is Positive Discipline. By spending time exploring our own inner experience of parenting, we become ever more effective at using the respectful tools this PD offers.

Will there be breaks?

Yes! There will be breaks. You will be able to use the bathroom, snack, reflect and connect during two 20-30 minute breaks during the workshop. One of those breaks may be a "working break" where you are encouraged to consider a prompt from the facilitator while you are out.

What should I bring?

You will need to bring a water bottle and snacks to sustain you for the workshop. Please make sure you have eaten a nourishing meal before we start.  

Also, bring a journal, something to write with, and a favorite pillow or cushion for sitting on.

Also, please bring a picture of your family.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably and in layers. We will do our best to control the temp and keep it comfortable for everyone. You can also help yourself by dressing in a way that will allow you to manage your own personal thermostat.

What if I can't make all the group calls?

Please go into this program committed to being a part of the group calls.  If, however, you can't make a call, they will all be recorded and the recording will be shared with all the mamas that are a part of your workshop. 

How will the group calls be set up?

Group calls will be led by the facilitator, Casey O'Roarty. We will use the time to continue to explore the tools you learned during the workshop. Some new content may be introduced. There will be time for some sharing/reflections and questions.

What if I want more support?

All of the participants in the Mother's Journey workshop will be offered a special deal on one-on-one coaching, if that is something you want to explore. This can be set up with Casey, and is available within 6 months of the time we spend in the room together.

Didn't see the question you have?
You can shoot me an email by clicking here and I am happy to get back to you with the information that you need.