Let me be your guide

If you are familiar with Joyful Courage, then you know me.  I'm Casey, I am your guide on this Living Joyful Courage journey. Membership in the program grants you access to me - I am an active participant.

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Living Joyful Courage was born in the fall of 2016 when an amazing group of parents said yes to a 10 week parenting course called the Intentional Parenting Project. I was so inspired by what came alive, so honored to get an intimate look into their journey through their daily shares and emails, that I became curious about how to take the work further.

Transformation through parenting is powerful work. 

Living Joyful Courage is a opportunity to transform. It is a commitment to the long term. Space and time to really see your desired way of being come to be. I will be with you every step of the way - connecting weekly via email, daily in the discussion forum, and monthly through webinars and group coaching calls. VIP participants also have two 45 minute calls/month with me.

This is my passion, friend, and I pour myself into it. My intention is to support you in living the life you want to live, to be the parent you want to be, to hold space for you to be your best self.