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I am so excited to invite you all in to journey with me through all of the Positive Discipline Tool Cards. This is an adventure for parents who are actively working towards creating a more loving, connected, democratic home. Each week I will be introducing a new tool card and giving some juicy background and stories to go along with it. I hope you join me!!!!

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Back talk HOOKS US! Watch this video and learn some tools that will help you maintain authentic connection with your kids when confronted with this annoying behavior...
If you live with kids, you have witnessed the wave of emotion knock them over and send them to a place that is out of control… The Anger Wheel of Choice is a tool that provides kids with skills for self regulation… Check it out!
This video is an invitation to recognize that there is more than just mischief going on with your child's behavior… Kids spend lots to time forming beliefs about themselves and how they fit into the world, and these beliefs are what fuels how they act. By being curious, connected and nonreactive, parents have the opportunity to influence these beliefs and encourage more cooperative behavior from the kids they love.
We all make mistakes…. We make mistakes and in the process we hurt the people around us. This tool helps parents to model the art of recovering from a mistake and make plans for handling challenging situation differently in the future. It invites the grown ups to model what it looks like to make things right, and to commit to different actions in the future.
Check out this weeks parenting tool - Kindness and Firmness
Life gets so much easier when we understand what is happening in our kids (and our own) brain!!! Watch this short video and learn an easy tool for teaching your kids about their brain and the importance of cooling down before solving problems. Enjoy!

Building a strong relationship IS a parenting tool - and being present with your kids is a great way to get into their world to strengthen that bond.

Family meetings are the anchor of the Positive Discipline home… In this short video, I highlight the importance of this powerful tool. If you are interested in getting more support for beginning family meetings in your home, check out the Online Learning page at The Family Meeting Jumpstart Ecourse will be available beginning February 1st!!
This weeks tool card is focused on "Silent Signal" - also known as, "close your mouth"!!! How often do we as parents go on and on and on and on and then wonder WHY our kids don't follow our directions??? Watch this short video to learn more about how you can use silent signals to increase the likelihood of cooperation in your home...
"A child needs encouragement like a plant needs water." - Rudolf Dreikurs When a child is raised in a home that values encouragement, they are much more likely to be cooperative and contributing members of the family. Watch this short video highlighting this powerful Positive Discipline tool.
Winning cooperation from your children is all about seeing them, being present with them, respecting them and their needs AND THEN sharing your thoughts and finding solutions together.

When your kids feel capable, they are more willing to try new things, more will to contribute and have an all around better attitude… No wonder this is the last of five criteria for Positive Discipline! Enjoy this short video highlighting this important concept.

The goal of parenting is to raise confident, capable young people. To do this you must take the time to teach social and life skills to your children. This video is about the fourth of five criteria for practicing Positive Discipline - Enjoy!

5 Criteria for Positive Discipline - Intro Series
#1 It helps children feel a sense of connection

Positive Discipline is more than just a set of rules for parenting your child, when you dive into this work, you will find that it is more about the relationships we have with our kids, rather than the perfect thing to say and do during any given situation…  This is the first of 5 vlogs about the criteria for embodying Positive Discipline as a parenting practice.  This first video is focused on remembering that when we are using PD, we are helping children feel a sense of connection.

5 Criteria For Positive Discipline - Intro series
#2 It is mutually respectful and encouraging

The power of Positive Discipline lies in the relationships you create with your children.  Two elements that are required in any relationship are mutual respect and encouragement.  We are mutually respectful when we respect the needs of the child as well as the needs of ourselves and the situation.  We encourage our children when we see them, appreciate them and empower them to be their best.  

5 Criteria For Positive Discipline - Intro series
#3 is that Positive Discipline is effective in the LONG TERM

This is the third video in the Introduction Series for the Positive Discipline Tool Card VLOG. This video focuses on the third criteria for PD - that discipline is effective in the long term. When parents can focus on the long term effects of their discipline, they leave their children with more skills and abilities to do better and live up to expectations in the future. Enjoy!