Eps 66: Sheri Gazitt Shares her Wisdom Around Raising Adolescent Girls

Today’s guest is Sheri Gazitt, founder of a company called “Teen Wise” which focuses on teen issues like bullying, perfectionism, stress and friendship issues. She’s a mom of 3 girls in their teens. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

sbg teen wise photo.jpg
  • Navigating your teen’s confusion and search for identity

  • The “trying on” process teens go through as they evaluate the pieces that form their identity and how to support it

  • The impact of stress, peer pressure and expectations on families

  • Definitions of success and challenges when they don’t align

  • How to support your daughters through their exploration of true self

  • The evolving nature of the “true self”

  • Moving our coaching from “Be yourself” to “Figure out who yourself is” and why it’s necessary

  • Role modeling values but recognizing your teen may not share your values.

  • How not to take your teen’s behavior personally

  • The importance of healthy adult relationships

  • How to maintain a relationship when your teen is pulling away

  • What girls say they need from parents

  • Navigating conversations when your child’s confidences reveal a need for outside interventions

  • The value of leaving space for teens to have emotions

  • Wardrobe and helping our teens navigate a sexualized climate

  • How to keep your parenting goals in sight when navigating challenging behaviors

  • The power of forgiveness

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

“It gives me very positive vibes. It means we are happy with ourselves about what challenges we take on and parenting is definitely one of those challenges. It means to be happy and joyful even if we make mistakes, if we fail at something horribly, just to be joyful about the fact that we have that challenge in front of us and we are willing to take it on and give it our all."

Reviving Ophelia

Where to find Sheri:
Her website l Facebook l Twitter


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