December World Changer: Lauren Gamble shares her organization, Bibs for Kids

Today’s guest is Lauren Gamble of Bibs for Kids. She helps kids struggling with illness, impoverishment and prematurity by selling bibs and donating 10% of proceeds to causes. Her son was born premature and she was inspired to help others after spending time in the NICU with her new baby. Join us in learning about how to give back to kids in need this holiday season (and every day)!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

    Life in the NICU – the challenges of prematurity with even a healthy baby, infant health challenges, bonding with other parents facing the same circumstances and 12 long days where time seemed to stand still

    Causes Bibs For Kids supports: premature birth, pediatric HIV, pediatric cerebral palsy, childhood hunger, childhood cancer, and autism

    Prematurity awareness –  the selection of this cause was influenced by her own experiences with her son (who is now 4 months old) and the ongoing relationships she’s had with fellow NICU families from their stay

    Pediatric cerebral palsy – the family connection to this challenging disease and how her relationship with her cousin and aunt led her to want to give back in this way

    Pediatric HIV – the family Lauren knows who adopted an HIV positive child and how their life experiences impacted her decision to support this important cause

    Autism – Awareness of early detection and the need for education and intervention are so key to positive outcomes for children living with Autism

    Childhood cancer – 720 kids diagnosed every day in America – why research and awareness is so important

    Childhood hunger – a cause that’s closer to home than we think and not just an overseas problem

    Customer response to Bibs for Kids, donations and partnerships

    The holiday season: thankfulness for good health and a reason to give

    Ways to help when you don’t have kids who wear bibs or don’t have babies in your life– donate $5 and have a bib sent to a child in need

Where to find Lauren:

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