Eps71: Rosalind Wiseman is on talking about friendship roles and teaching dignity for all

Today’s guest is Rosalind Wiseman, a mom of boys and political scientist who works with teenagers in a professional capacity through an organization called Cultures of Dignity. We are going to talk about the social lives of teenagers. Join us!

“Look for your champion moment and step in.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

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•    The struggle to balance maintaining friendships and handle power imbalances and how that flows into abusive romantic relationships later on
•    Media depictions of relationships and how they impact teenage perceptions of acceptable and normal behaviors
•    Impacts of the election cycle on teenage behavior and normalization of racism and bad behavior and the resulting need for parents to promote inclusion
•    How to promote diversity and equal dignity for all by helping your children recognize the difference between healthy curiosity and put-downs
•     The importance of coaching your child on how to participate in respectful dialogue and redirecting conversations without reinforcing stigma
•    How to support teachers in a changing political climate while they deal with teens struggling with uncertainty
•    The role of education in supporting problem solving and critical thinking
•    Common roles in teen social groups and the associated challenges of raising: queen bees, side kicks, banker, mastermind, associate, bouncer, entertainer, conscience, champion, victim/target, pleaser, the messenger
•    Helping your kids practice for their champion moment
•    Backstabbing and the role of the messenger
•    How to teach your kids that a disagreement isn’t the end of the relationship
•    How to use and coach the SEAL formula – how to speak when you are angry
•    The similarities between conflict in teen relationships and videogames battles
•    The difference between bullying and lack of relationship skills
•    Giving space and listening to boys during puberty
•    Relationship repair following insights acquired during parenting education


Queen Bees and Wannabes
Masterminds and Wingmen
Owning Up

Where to find Rosalind:

Her Website


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