Eps 29: Cathy Kawakami of Middle Ground Parenting How we help our kids by not helping them

Find more about Cathy's offers at  Middle Ground Parenting .

Find more about Cathy's offers at Middle Ground Parenting.

Cathy Kawakami is on the show today and we are talking all about the ways we can encourage our youngest kids to explore their capabilities.

Sorry folks, the bad news in a lot of the reason our kids don't believe they can do things is because we spend so much time and effort telling them that - they're getting the message!!  Then we get frustrated that our kids are uncooperative or don't want to contribute - it's crazytown!!

Cathy and Casey offer a bunch of ideas around how to set up an environment that is designed for kids to grow and thrive, to gain life skills and the belief that they can have healthy control over their life.

For more support, check out this download PDF.

You can find Cathy at:
Her website www.middlegroundparenting.com
And on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MiddleGroundParenting

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