Eps 43: Jiovann Carrasco Talks Mindfulness and Parenting

Welcome! My guest today is Jiovann Carrasco, a psychotherapist in Austin, TX. Jiovann is the owner of the Austin Mindfulness Center, a meditator, and the author of an online mindfulness program called Follow your Breath. He is an engaged and connected father to two young kids and worked as a stay-at-home dad for two years! Let’s jump into this topic of mindfulness with Jiovann!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Jiovann began practicing meditation in 2008, as a result of the anxiety and panic attacks from his stressful job as a therapist at a group home

  • How Zen meditation changed Jiovann and allowed him to connect with himself like never before

  • How does Jiovann define mindfulness? “Attending to whatever arises in the present moment without trying to change it or judge it.”

  • Jiovann explains the benefits to mindfulness in parenting.

  • Why Jiovann took a popular course on Positive Discipline and became a certified parent educator

  • Jiovann explains how to bring mindfulness to even the everyday mundane tasks required in parenting.

  • How Jiovann structures his early morning meditation practice and time with his kids

  • How kids already know how to be mindful and present WAY more than adults

  • Fearful thoughts and worries are what our minds naturally focus on; mindfulness finds ways to shine the spotlight on anything else in the present moment.

  • Jiovann explains the basics of his 6-week, on-demand, online course. See details below!

  • What does joyful courage mean to Jiovann? “Mindfulness is one of the most courageous things to do. It’s intentionally moving toward the fears, and joy and happiness are natural by-products.”

Connect with Jiovann:

www.austinmindfulness.org (Find information on the course, Follow Your Breath, including meditation audio, downloadables, journals, practice logs, videos, and access to the Facebook group. The normal price is $299, but through the end of 2016, the course is available for 50% off. But wait, it gets better!


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