Eps 59: Back to School With Nicole Schwarz from Imperfect Families

Welcome! My guest today is Nicole Schwarz, who joined me for Episode 39 about helping kids deal with negative self-talk. She is a parent coach, child and family therapist, and the founder of Imperfect Families. All of us parents are in some phase of that back-to-school transition time, so let’s hear Nicole’s thoughts on this subject!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The nighttime routine: getting in the mindset of an earlier bedtime

  • Essential family routines for back-to-school

  • The power of shifting from “but” to “and”

  • Urgency is contagious

  • The importance of daily jobs for kids

  • Why kids NEED to make their own lunch

  • Homework: how parents can be supportive and available

  • How to support rather than shame

  • “The bad-kid cycle”

  • How to stick with your kids through emotional blow-ups

  • Why you can’t assume the problem OR the solution



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