Eps 75: Marcilie Smith Boyle Shares Research and Brain Science Behind Positive Discipline

Today’s guest is Marcilie Smith Boyle, a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Certified Life and Leadership Coach who teaches Positive Discipline courses live and online, coaches individuals and groups on transitions and parenting, as well as life coaching and executive leadership coaching. We are discussing the science and research of Positive Discipline. Join us!

“ The tip of the iceberg is what you can see – that’s your child’s behavior, but underneath the surface so much more is going on.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

•    Emerging neuro-scientific research about social psychology informed by function MRIs and PET scans.
•     Principles of Positive Discipline – looking underneath behavior to build skills for long term better behavior.
•    Adlerian theory, the foundation of Positive Discipline
•    The connection between behavior and a sense of belonging
•    How mutual respect informs better behavior
•    The right to dignity and the value of solutions relative to rewards and punishments
•    Intrinsic motivation, what it is and why it matters long term.
•    The social nature of humans and how that relates to theories of the hierarchy of needs
•    The link between physical and social pain and the connection between learning and belonging
•    The impact of fight or flight on empathy, learning and problem solving skills
•    Relatedness, competence and autonomy and the way they influence behavior and feed intrinsic motivation
•    The positive outcomes of met psychological needs in relation to health, creativity, persistence, flexibility, adjustment, well-being, enjoyment, cooperation, engagement and interest.
•    Why rewards and praise sometimes backfire: the relationship between contingent rewards, autonomy and behavior
•    Baby steps to deepen your positive parenting practice
•   The difference made when we get eye to eye with our kids

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Courage is about being brave, about feeling some fear but doing it anyways. That takes determination and focus. Courage has a feeling of seriousness. When you add Joyful to it, it adds some fun and lightness. Joyful Courage is about being courageous in a fun way. It’s a choice about how you want to practice your bravery.


Positive Discipline
Social by Matthew Lieberman
Hidden Costs of Reward – Mark R. Lepper

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