Eps 77: Carrie Anne Killeen talks about parenting for our soul

Carrie Anne Killeen is a Conscious Parent coach who specializes in assisting parents in increasing peace, love, joy, grace and ease in the home.  After living 20 years with a very critical view of herself and those around her, she realized how much love had been missing from her own childhood.  Using her children as her biggest teachers, she learned how to heal her own childhood wounds with love, compassion, forgiveness and inner truth.  She is deeply dedicated to creating a more peaceful world for children and parents. Carrie Anne inspires parents to see beyond their children’s behaviors to see the hidden truth and wisdom that lies inside their heart and soul.  Carrie Anne is a peaceful, single mom of three amazing and highly soulful daughters.  She is currently living her heart’s dream in Massachusetts.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

•    Working through emotional triggers with forgiveness and loving your inner child.
•    The need to exercising self-compassion as you process emotions
•    Emotional purging in a conscious way to move to an easier parenting journey
•    Moving passed mindfulness and consciousness to peacefulness
•    Functioning as a peaceful human being
•    Moving from “doing” to “being”
•    The value of peaceful presence, free of emotional trigger, for your kids
•    Modelling ownership of behavior for your kids
•    Peacefulness as a practice that takes time
•    Parenting as an extension of nature: gradually forging new pathways in your relationships and being expansive, not staying “stuck”
•    The healing power of authenticity with your kids
•    Aiming for perseverance and presence, not perfection
•    Exercising compassion for others and recognizing we don’t know their struggles
•    Learning how not to try to control others and focus on self to remain peaceful
•    Journalling as a practice to release emotions
•    Finding opportunities for stillness
•    Releasing others from the responsibility for reading your mind
•    Shifting to a solution focus to create momentum
•    Fear: being curious about it to avoid being driven by it
•    Showing up in your own home to make a difference in the world
•    Practical ways to nourish yourself
•    Unconditional love – what does that look like?

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Joyful to me is about being present in the moment, choosing to look on the positive side of it. To that actually takes courage. We have a lot of stuff that we have to overcome to be joyful, more joyful. Courage is such an amazing word. I think people have a lot of courage but I don’t think people really know how much courage they can have. To harmonize both of them, and what I feel in your community, is that you can have both of them and be in balance and that’s a beautiful recipe for having a successful and happy life which I feel is available for everybody.

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3 part webinar series on emotional triggers (link coming!)


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