Eps 80: Rachel Macy Stafford encourages us to choose Only Love Today

Today’s guest is Rachel Macy Stafford, founder of Handsfree Mama, best selling author and special education teacher. We are discussing letting go of distractions so you can focus on what really matters. Join us!

“There is no space for perfection in parenting and living boldly. I want to live bravely, boldly, flawed and full of hope.”

What you’ll hear in this episode: 

  • Parenting and opportunities to choose to be mindful

  • Avoiding getting caught up in the moment as a practice

  • Making a “presence” pledge to yourself

  • Surrendering and learning to let go of control and expectations of mastery or of a certain outcome

  • Raising future adults and allowing space for practice

  • Self-care and the importance of “do nothing” moments

  • The value of physical self-care


Only Love Today – pre-order until March 7

Where to find Rachel:

Website l Facebook l Twitter


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