Eps 82: A Conversation about Parenting in the Age of Smart Phones with Kim Muench

Today’s guest is Kim Muench, a mother of five, parenting writer, a certified parenting coach and lover of parents of adolescents. We are discussing navigating decisions around technology with our kids. Join us!

“Conscious parenting: being mindful and walking the tight rope between giving them autonomy and knowing when to step in and help them see the potential consequences of choices”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Balancing your need for control and desire to protect your kids with providing access to benefits of smart phones

  • Building trust, letting go of our own experiences and not projecting our own mischief (which can lead to friction)

  • Navigating the tightrope: being honest, open and self-aware as you work through technology use with your kids

  • Negotiating smart phone boundaries within your family

  • Scaffolding social media communication – building progressively

  • Adolescent boundary pushing as learning

  • Falling off the tight rope – learning as a practice and getting back up

  • Creating an agreement around technology usage – a collaborative approach subject to revision as needed initiated by either party

  • Limits as helping

  • Why you need open conversation about social media including topics such as safeguards and kindness

  • Technology as distraction and disconnection

  • Reassessing agreements on technology without blame and shame

  • The value of eye contact and being fully present in resolving conflict

  • How to address reigning in technology use under the umbrella of conscious parenting – identifying the source

  • Working collaboratively vs exerting control – what are the outcomes of these approaches?

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