Eps 88: Angela Pruess Supports Gentle Parents with Special Needs Kids

Today’s guest is Angela Pruess, a child and family therapist and special needs mom of 3 on a mission to support and empower parents of behaviorally challenging and special needs kids. We are discussing parenting without rewards and punishments. Join us! 

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Gentle parenting defined – intentionality, connection

  • Attachment theory and gentle parenting

  • Avoiding slipping into extremes with gentle parenting

  • Optimal attachment parenting – responsive and nurturing while setting limits and boundaries

  • How to get perspective when you feel “stuck” in parenting patterns that aren’t working

  • Focussing on the long view of what values you are wanting to raise your child with

  • Understanding the “why” behind your child’s behavior – physiologically speaking particularly for special needs kids

  • Interventions that focus on the root of behavior versus the surface level behaviors

  • Backing up and zooming out as a practice to respond more effectively to challenging behaviors

  • Intentionality and mindfulness as parenting techniques to reduce overwhelm in parenting special needs kids

  • Moving from victimhood and blame to becoming influencers of parenting experiences

  • Grief in special needs parenting and unpacking those complicated feelings

  • Techniques for working through tough feelings and heavy thoughts to create space for something different

  • The need for self-care in special needs parenting, and being mindful about what activities are most helpful

  • The freedom of self-compassion and intentionality of gratitude

  • Asking for help: not a sign of weakness, an invitation to community

  • Lagging skills vs undesirable behavior – learning to focus on the right area to improve outcomes


What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Through a parenting with confidence lens, having the courage to boldly walk this path that’s challenging and unexpected, to move forward feeling confident and feeling like you’re giving your child your best self.  Also, being able to do so with joy and having this genuine acceptance of our story – who our child is and who we are. They were given to us and we were woven together for a reason. Having courage and finding joy through the struggles and unexpected challenges.



Aha parenting website

The Explosive Child – Ross Greene

Positive Discipline for Children With Special Needs


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