Eps 91: Janet Allison, From Boys Alive! is on Supporting us in Raising Our Boys

Today’s guest is Janet Allison, a Waldorf teacher and family coach. We are discussing boys and how they learn. Join us!

“Be aware of his need to move his body. It’s absolutely critical that he have some time before school to move his body.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

·      Gender-based differences in learning styles – the value of kinetic learning when teaching boys
·      How modern teaching methods set our boys up to fail
·      Maturity and developmental differences between genders
·      Expulsion rates of boys vs girls in pre-k
·      Impacts of the learning environment on boys’ self-esteem
·      Optimal learning environments for boys
·      Best age for starting school and the disconnect between intellectual and emotional development
·      Managing expectations of practice vs. mastery
·      Releasing physical energy to support emotional regulation
·      Finding ways to accommodate “wriggly kids” in the classroom
·       Building relationships with your son’s teacher – what questions to ask
·      How to encourage independence and service to others
·      Supporting your child in remembering things
·      Relevance/meaning and learning by doing: educational approaches that work for boys
·      The value of trades education
·      The benefits of mentorship – how to find a mentor for your child and be intentional in your relationship building

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Joyful courage means being willing to step out of complacency, out of the box, and follow that inner voice that you have saying “Yes!” even when you are in doubt or fear say “Yes!” anyways and I strive to do this in everything I do is bring joy to it. Go to the grocery store and find some joy. I have a friend who buys flowers every Tuesday during her grocery shopping and her goal is to give those flowers away by the time she gets back to her house….Stepping out of our boxes and our little narrow lanes and our busy-ness or overwhelm in our own life but just stepping out a little bit to see there’s this world out there and what can I do to bring joy into the world – and we need it.


The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian

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