Eps 109: Learning How to be a More Conscious Parent by Tuning in to Our Body

Parenting from within takes practice practice practice. What are the significant tools we need to really delve within? Inside of us exists what we need to connect to the way we want to parent.  Using these tools at our disposal will allow us to open up, connect, reset and navigate the challenges that come with development. Just like we are in constant practice it’s key to continue the conversation! Our children are not the only humans in development.

 What you will hear

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  • The emotional journey of choosing Positive Parenting

  • Is your inner voice helping or hindering your practice

  • Our old stories can create blocks when we practice PD

  • What shows up when our children touch on those old stories (triggers)

  • How we talk to ourselves when it seems everyone around us has it together

  • Where do we chose to sit when we are in anger, resentment and “stuckness”

  • Why are you choosing PD and/or Conscious Parenting?

  • What are the themes that drive us to want to parent this way?

  • What themes to we use to keep us on a pendulum

  • Once we choose into the practice we can create habits that navigate through these themes and stories

  • Awareness is the first step to helping us acknowledge the triggers so we can create a connection into this parenting journey

  • This is a collective journey

  • Mindfulness with ground us into the practice and what we need

  • Using mindfulness will bring you into your biggest tool- your body, senses, feelings and emotions

  • Listening to your body is accepting the messages and signals you are sending to your conscious

  • What do you notice in challenging situations?

  • Where do your signals sit? Belly? Shoulders? Chest?

  • Follow the wisdom your body is sending.

  • Fears cloud our vision and takes us into the “what ifs”

  • Getting curious allows us to approach our children without getting stuck in the fog

  • How to use the neutrality of your body to shift into a better experience

  • Shifting can open us up the possibility that we are the best parent for our kids and we can make repairs


Podcast Highlight:

In Her Voice, By Kelly Covers

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Mother’s Journey to Joyful Courage


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EPS 41: Megan Barella Talks about Navigating Parenting as a Trauma Survivor

Megan Barella loves to help parents unlock their parenting power through her classes and coaching programs. As a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, she brings a holistic approach to help people live and parent in connection with their highest selves. "The Getting to Gold Project" is the program Megan is developing for parents who are trauma survivors. Megan loves to cook, dance, do art projects, and spend time in the woods with her 7 year old son in the Portland, OR area. 

Highlights from the conversation:

-       The stress response system takes over
-      Through awareness we can bring what is happening internally into the open
-       Parenting is incredible, courageous work
-       Dan Siegel, Parenting From the Inside Out
-       We want our kids to thrive!
-       Becky Bailey of Conscious Discipline – “Awareness is the first agent of positive change”
-       Be a gentle observer – awareness + self compassion ((you tube video))
-       Hand over Heart
-       Mistakes are opportunities to learn
-       Power of Repair
-       Showing up the best we can with the tools we have
-       Our mistakes are not us!!  Our patterns are what we have taken on to survive…
-       Narrative therapy
-       “I am not defined by my mistakes”
-       Our body reads stress AS fear
-       The power of our positive intent

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