Eps 171: Solo Show - Being the calm INSIDE the storm

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Today is a solo show all about being the calm inside the storm.  That is the dream, isn’t it?? Listen in as I tease apart what this means and offer ideas and strategies around how to get there more often.


·      Parenting class

·      Summit

·      Podcast conversations

·      E+R=O

·      Events and experiences….  3 Bs


·      What if nothing changes?

·      What if all we have is how we feel inside of the experience?

·      What do we want to BE/FEEL/CREATE??

·      Feedback matters – internal vs external validation

·      Parenting is a PART of our life that can feel like our WHOLE life

·      Energy of emotion

·      Personal work, small steps with Sid, ACES with Sarah – unlearning supermom

·      Stuck in what it should look like

·      What about acceptance of what is? What about surrender to not knowing the outcome?

·      Influence yes. Hard work and practice, yes.

·      AND you decide how to respond from life --- worry fear, that is the present moment experience you create. Openness, love, that is the present moment experience you create.

·      Think about, bring about – energetically we are always influencing our life, our experience




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Eps 22: Amanda Rue discusses how to stay sane and ENJOY the holidays!

Amanda Rue, the force behind the popular blog, Dirt and Boogers, is on the podcast today.  She has created a FABULOUS resource for parents around how to bring more calm and connection to the holiday season.

I don't know about you, but this came at the perfect time for me!  

Resources mentioned:

Check out Amanda's Ebook, Take the Chaos out of Christmas, by clicking here.

Mama's Anger Management cCourse

The Stop Yelling Challenge on Facebook

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Her blog/website www.dirtandboogers.com
Dirt and Boogers on Facebook
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