Eps 164: Jeremy Schneider, MFT Talks About Navigating our Partner's Parenting Journey

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Today’s guest is Jeremy Schneider. Jeremy is a Marriage and Family Therapist whose career spans more than 15 years of working with individuals and families focussing on parenting, relationships and mental health. He is the author of Fatherhood in 40 Minute Snapshots and has been  featured on the New York Times, The Today Show and CNN. We will be discussing co-parenting and alignment with our partners. Join us!

"Every step that I take in my personal growth is one less step that they have to take.”

“A lot of parenting is about experimentation.”

“You just get better the more you do it. Just keep trying.”

“We don’t want to be the same parent. We just want to be parenting in the same direction.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

-Journaling as a way to maintain perspective

-Examining our principles of parenting


-Deciding what kind of people we want to raise

-Personal growth and parenting - how they relate

-Co-parenting and being in alignment with our parents

-Fatherhood and parental involvement of dads

-Finding balance as co-parents in agreeing on a parenting approach

-The importance of parenting education

-Navigating parenting as a dad when you feel uncertain

-How Dads can model emotional expression for their kids

-Approaching our partners with curiosity about their parenting approach

-Parenting as a practice

-Finding harmony in parenting styles

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

 Having survived a fairly traumatic childhood, I think about courage a lot. I don’t normally think about it in terms of myself and that’s something that I’ve been working on to give myself credit for how far I’ve come and what I’ve been able to do and the kind of relationships I’ve been able to build within my family.

I think Joyful courage is being able to enjoy, not the success, I’m trying to think of the word, being able to bask in this life I’ve built. It took a lot of work to get where I am and my wife and I have worked very hard to get where we are together. And we’ve worked very hard to survive as long as we have with our kids and get this far and I think, to me, one of the phrases that I play a lot in my head is happy chaos. I think of our life as happy chaos.

Chaos doesn’t have to be bad and that’s kind of the way we think about it. My life is chaos, it’s just straight chaotic, because having teenagers and wanting to be there for them and wanting to be there for my wife and build this business and so and so forth; it’s chaos. But it’s a happy chaos because it all involves things that I love.

And to me Joyful Courage has that same kind of feel, right? It’s the freedom, the sort of joyfulness of doing something that takes an enormous effort and overcoming anxiety and fear to be able to do it but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It can still be joyful in that experience of it.


Fatherhood in 40 Minute Snapshots

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Eps 64: Eric D. Green - 1 Awesome Dad Holding Space for the Peaceful Parenting Conversation



Today’s guest is Eric Greene, a father, husband and children’s rights activist. His work through his website, his Facebook group and private consultations focuses on peaceful parenting. As a father of one, his son has inspired him to explore parenting approaches that honor his desire to be the best parent he can be.  His goal is to help improve the lives of children by helping parents learn better ways of raising children. Join us!

“Peaceful parenting is not permissive, it’s setting limits and boundaries in a peaceful way.”

What you’ll hear in this episode: 

•    What is peaceful parenting?

•    How applicable is peaceful parenting to parents of more than one child?

•     What does “Growing the pause” mean and how do you do it?

•    Peaceful parenting as a practice and the need for repetition

•    Recognizing peaceful parenting doesn’t change that kids are still kids

•    The role of mindfulness in peaceful parenting

•    How to be firm and still parent peacefully

•    Building resiliency in your kids

•    Mindset shifts in peaceful parenting – moving from trying to control your kids’ behavior to trying to control what’s going on within yourself

•    The difference between peaceful and permissive parenting

•    Practicing no buts” empathy

•    Peaceful “parenting practices

•    The value of “hugging it out” to find a solution

•    Looking for opportunities to share power

•    Common struggles among parents trying to parent peacefully  

•    Traditional gender roles and peaceful parenting

•    Supporting your co-parent to parent peacefully

•    The importance of self-care and self-compassion in peaceful parenting

•     How to take baby steps to positive parenting


What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

“The courage to be joyful. Brene Brown talked about how the most vulnerable state you can be in is joy.That takes courage. It takes courage to be joyful.”


The Intentional Parent Project
Positive Discipline – Jane Nelsen  

Where to find Eric:

His website
Peaceful Parenting Community Facebook group 


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Join the Joyful CourageTribe in our community Facebook group - Live and Love with Joyful Courage.  Raising our children while growing ourselves...


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Eps 40: Ryan Hamilton talks about the Life of Dad

Welcome! Today’s guest is Ryan Hamilton, one of the co-founders of the “Life of Dad,” a social media network for dads. He is changing how dads are represented in the parenting arena and is helping moms be more effective at sharing parenting tools and tips with their male partners. Let’s jump into conversation with Ryan!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Ryan has been a computer geek/tech guy all of his life; he now sees his son following in his footsteps in those interests.

  • Ryan works full-time in the advertising industry, but runs his business on the sides for dads.

  • Ryan shares how “Life of Dad” evolved from a heart-wrenching personal story of one of the co-founders.

  • The purpose of “Life of Dad” is to enable a father to share his story via social media.

  • Ryan became involved in the endeavor during a tumultuous time in his life, when he was going through a divorce, job loss, financial collapse, and depression.

  • Ryan began blogging about the darker side of parenting.

  • Ryan discusses how trends and parental role expectations have shifted as dads have pushed for change.

  • Many new resources and dad communities are making change and allowing dads to have a voice.

  • Co-parenting has changed in today’s culture of divorce; Ryan shares how he and his ex-wife make it work for them.

  • Ryan decided to make the journey to veganism about two years ago, when he was depressed and suicidal.

  • He began with being vegetarian, but then transitioned on to veganism.

  • The “cleaning up” of his diet branched out to affect all other areas of his life.

  • Ryan’s advice to other dads is to stay in touch, never feel alone, and reach out to your peer groups. Check out the resources below!



Life of Dad - Website I Twitter I Facebook I IG I You Tube

Ryan E. Hamilton - Twitter I Facebook

Dad 2.0 Summit

National At Home Dad Network

City Dads Group

Dad Bloggers on Facebook


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