Eps 152: No More Mean Girls With Katie Hurley

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Today’s guest is Katie Hurley. She is a child and adolescent psychotherapist specializing in anxiety disorders and stress and learning differences and author. She is the author of The Happy Kid Handbook and No More Mean Girls. She runs empowerment groups for girls. We are discussing girls and their relationships. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

-The changing landscape in the world of girls and bullying

-Why these relationship challenges are starting earlier than ever


-Toxic competition and how it impacts relationships between girls

-How conditioning for high achievement can impact girls

-Shifts in educational expectations and how that affects children

-How attitudes towards sports have changed and what that has meant for girls

-Social emotional learning and the expectation it should happen at home vs. at school

-Belonging and significance in relationships between girls

-How building empathy can be helpful

-The Iceberg Metaphor and how it relates to conflict between girls

- Protective instincts and how they impact coaching empathy and understanding

-Clique behaviors and how they can impact girls

-Modelling those behaviors as parents and exercising compassion in moments of frustration

-Social media culture and how it removes safe spaces at home from interpersonal conflict between kids

-Checking off the boxes and how it can create overwhelm

-How not letting kids make choices can create stress and cause problems later in life

-The importance of coping skills and raising kindness warriors

-The impact of how we talk about school shooters and how that impacts their in-school relationships

-How social engineering by parents can impact our girls

-Understanding where parental interference in interests and social relationships can affect them

-Peer pressure among parents to "check the boxes" for our kids in terms of their extracurricular activities

-How labels affect and limit our girls

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

To me, it just means being joyful about taking great leaps. It's okay wherever you land. Know that you're okay wherever you land and you can always make adjustments and give it another shot.


The Happy Kid Handbook | No More Mean Girls

Where to find Katie:

PracticalKatie.com | Facebook | Twitter


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Eps 93: Carly Mentlik Talks About Support our Tween Girls

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Meet Carly Mentlik, tween whisperer. Carly’s vast education and experiences have led her to craft The Inner Rainbow Project.  She coaches parents and caregivers “to help our tween daughters grow up to be the confident, emotionally healthy, self-aware women that they deserve to be”. Nine through pre-teen can be a very challenging time for parents and tweens to navigate. Carly’s passion and guiding light gives parents and caregivers the tools to help navigate this extremely important development phase with ample support.

The world is changing faster and faster every day. We need our girls to have the confidence to speak their truth and live in their authenticity! Carly holds a Masters in Clinical Counseling, dual Bachelors in Special and Elementary Education all from NYU. She is a single mom, Yoga instructor and all around inspiration.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Challenges tween girls navigate

  • Elementary to Middle School transition.

  • Importance of cultivating a strong foundation for girls at this developmental stage.

  • How feelings and emotions are changing and affect your tween and their experience.

  • Tools for helping your tween find self-awareness, acceptance and discovery in a safe and healthy environment.

  • How to address body image and help tweens feel confidence and compassion in/for themselves.

  • The importance of your tweens voice and how to support their expression.

  • How to use creativity and have fun to build connection with your tween.

  • Practical lessons and rituals that help both you and your tween put tools into daily practice.

  • What you can expect from working with Carly.

  • Special introduction to The Chakra Girls!

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

Being a mom and being blessed to follow my passion, it is gratitude. It’s terrifying to embark on these things and you need that courage, but it’s with such joy because I am so grateful to have this opportunity to do this work.

Where to find Carly:


Facebook l Instagram l Pinterest


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Join the Joyful Courage Tribe in our community Facebook group - Live and Love with Joyful Courage.  Raising our children while growing ourselves...


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Eps 66: Sheri Gazitt Shares her Wisdom Around Raising Adolescent Girls

Today’s guest is Sheri Gazitt, founder of a company called “Teen Wise” which focuses on teen issues like bullying, perfectionism, stress and friendship issues. She’s a mom of 3 girls in their teens. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

sbg teen wise photo.jpg
  • Navigating your teen’s confusion and search for identity

  • The “trying on” process teens go through as they evaluate the pieces that form their identity and how to support it

  • The impact of stress, peer pressure and expectations on families

  • Definitions of success and challenges when they don’t align

  • How to support your daughters through their exploration of true self

  • The evolving nature of the “true self”

  • Moving our coaching from “Be yourself” to “Figure out who yourself is” and why it’s necessary

  • Role modeling values but recognizing your teen may not share your values.

  • How not to take your teen’s behavior personally

  • The importance of healthy adult relationships

  • How to maintain a relationship when your teen is pulling away

  • What girls say they need from parents

  • Navigating conversations when your child’s confidences reveal a need for outside interventions

  • The value of leaving space for teens to have emotions

  • Wardrobe and helping our teens navigate a sexualized climate

  • How to keep your parenting goals in sight when navigating challenging behaviors

  • The power of forgiveness

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

“It gives me very positive vibes. It means we are happy with ourselves about what challenges we take on and parenting is definitely one of those challenges. It means to be happy and joyful even if we make mistakes, if we fail at something horribly, just to be joyful about the fact that we have that challenge in front of us and we are willing to take it on and give it our all."

Reviving Ophelia

Where to find Sheri:
Her website l Facebook l Twitter


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JULY BONUS EPS: Krista Petty Raimer joins me to talk about adolescent girls and GLAM CAMP 2016

I am THRILLED to have my friend, mentor and CO-CONSPIRATOR on the show today to talk about being women, mamas, and our middle school girl's workshop, GLAM CAMP 2016!  Krista Petty Raimer is the founder of Boldly Embody Life and a beacon of lite and transformation to all who have the pleasure of crossing paths with her.

Take a little time to listen in and hear what we are up to and consider what it means to be a caretaker of the daughter you have...  :)


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Join the Joyful CourageTribe in our community Facebook group - Live and Love with Joyful Courage.  Raising our children while growing ourselves...


Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Joyful Courage Podcast on iTunes to get the latest shows STRAIGHT to your device!!  AND PLEASE rate and review the Joyful Courage Parenting Podcast on iTunes to help me spread the show to an ever larger audience!!


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Eps 14: Emily Roberts Digs Into Teaching our Daughters About Being Assertive

I was introduced to Emily Roberts on a Facebook group for parent educators that I belong to...  I knew right away that I wanted to know more about her when she introduced herself and shared about her work with tween and teen girls...

I bought her book, Express Yourself, and quickly realized that this woman is LEGIT!  This book, which I am currently reading out loud to me seventh grade daughter is PACKED with so many nuggets of wisdom for our girls...  Not only that, I am finding that I am learning so much from the tips and advice that Emily shares... 

In this podcast interview, Emily and I discuss her book, plus the importance of supporting our girls in growing their assertive muscles...  We touch on friend drama, social media dos and don'ts, as well as why knowing the outcome you want is the first step to actually getting there.

Emily is a dream.  I think you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did!  

Follow Emily:

On her website at theguidancegirl.com
On Facebook at Guidance Girl
On Twitter at @GuidanceGirlEm
On Instagram at @GuidanceGirlEm
On Pinterest at Guidance Girl
On You Tube at The Guidance Girl Channel

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