Eps 33: Building Relationship in the Kitchen with Amy Knobler

Amy Knobler is on the podcast! Amy is a personal chef, mama and Positive Discipline Parent Educator from Pasadena, California. In candid conversation, she shares her passion for bringing kids into the kitchen…

Do you love dinner preparation? Are you like me, feeling annoyed and resentful each day when it comes time to create a meal for your family?

Listen in as Amy spins a new perspective around meal prep and how it can be a relationship builder AND a time for life skill development.

From young kids to our teens, the kitchen can be a place for connection… A place where we can all increase our sense of belonging and significance.



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Here is a short video with some great inspiration for tweens too!!
Seven Easy Ways to Include Your Kids in the Kitchen by Sarah Remmer
PDF from Amy about content and a kid friendly recipe!

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